“Shoigu thanked Serbia for its support of the Syrian people

– Minister of defense of Russia, army General Sergey Shoigu thanked Serbia for its support of the Syrian people.

“The head of the Russian defense Ministry today at the meeting with the Minister of defence of Serbia Alexander by Solinym expressed gratitude for the support of the Russian initiative to assist the people of Syria. Including for humanitarian aid, which the Serbian side has allocated last year to send in Aleppo,” – said to journalists on Friday, Deputy defense Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin on the results of the official visit of the head of the Russian military in Serbia.

In addition, according to him, Shoigu during the talks, said he was satisfied with the results of a recently carried out in Russia the joint company tactical exercises (FCPR) infantry units of the two countries, as well as traditional flight tactical exercise (LUT).

“In their title is profound meaning. These teachings are truly the “Brotherhood of aviators of Russia and Serbia” (“BARS” – Interfax),” – said Fomin.

FCPR held from 7 to 11 August 2017, TUL “BARS-2017” – from 2 to 7 October.

He said that the negotiations were talking about the formation of the action plan of bilateral military cooperation for next year, “which will be no less rich than the present”. “All the opportunities we have,” – said Fomin.

Also during the meeting with Solinym Shoigu thanked the Serbian people for the respect of the staff of the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army Alexandrov, after whom you plan to name one of the parks in Belgrade.

“Planned presentation of this famous band at the opening of the Park in November of the current year”, – said Fomin.

Shoigu on Friday was in Serbia on an official visit. He held talks with Solinym on issues of military, military-technical cooperation, regional security, took part in the parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from Nazi invaders, the handover ceremony of the MiG-29 of the Serbian army. Six MiG-29 was delivered from Russia to Serbia in early October.

During the visit, Sergei Shoigu donated to the St. Sava Temple in Belgrade, the icon produced by the Studio of military artists named after Grekov. Before visiting the temple of the head of the Russian defense Ministry gave tribute to the fallen soldiers and laid wreaths at the memorial to the “Liberators of Belgrade” and the monument “to the Soviet soldier-liberator”.

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