“The Russian foreign Ministry called the impossible deal on Iran’s nuclear program in a new configuration

According to Sergei Ryabkov, Russia is not ready to engage in dialogue about the revision of the agreement

– Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that collecting a deal on Iran’s nuclear program, which threatens to leave the United States, in the new configuration is impossible.

“We estimate nearly two years of the AGREEMENT (Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program – if) has shown that the arrangement works effectively and completely to cope with the set tasks. Grounds and opportunities for realignment or making changes we don’t see,” he said, speaking at the Moscow nonproliferation conference.

He noted that the AGREEMENT contains a “delicate balance of interests that affect the fundamental security issues of its members”.

“Any shift in this balance will lead to the inevitable collapse of the whole mechanism and put it back together again in some new configuration will be impossible”, – he added.

According to Ryabkov, “Russia to participate in any new talks on the “improvement” of the agreement.”

The US President Donald trump on 13 October announced that it would not certify Iranian compliance with the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program. According to him, should reconsider the number of points of agreement with Iran. He also warned that the United States, if it deems it necessary, may at any time withdraw from this agreement.

In July 2015 Iran and the six countries – the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – have agreed on a program of peaceful nuclear energy in Iran – AGREEMENT based on which Iran was lifted international sanctions.

AGREEMENT provides for the implementation by Tehran of a number of steps to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting international sanctions as well as unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the US and the EU. After the prisoner under previous US President Barack Obama AGREEMENT with Iran were partially lifted the international sanctions.

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