“The US state Department expressed concern about the data about the clashes in Northern Iraq

– The US state Department has urged Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan to open a dialogue on the basis of the Constitution of the country and to coordinate security issues after the reports of clashes around the city Altunkopru in Northern Iraq.

“US concerned about reports of violent clashes around the city Altunkopru (located in the district of Kirkuk – if) in Northern Iraq. We are monitoring the situation closely and urge all parties to stop any violence and provocative actions and to coordinate their actions to restore calm,” reads the statement of the official representative of the foreign Ministry Heather Noarch.

The United States “to prevent further clashes” and urged “the Central government is to stabilize the situation, limiting the movement of the Federal forces in the disputed areas.”

The state Department also welcomed the order of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Federal forces to protect the Iraqi Kurds and not to provoke conflict.

“As long as the parties do not reach agreement, we urge them to fully coordinate the security and management of these areas. To this end, all parties must now begin a dialogue based on the Iraqi Constitution,” said H. Noarch.

She added that the US “remains committed to a unified, stable, democratic Iraq and is committed to the government of Iraqi Kurdistan as an integral part of the country.”

“We will continue to work with officials of the Central and regional governments to reduce tensions, prevent further clashes and promote dialogue,” – said the official representative of the state Department.

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