Victims of accidents on transport will be easier to get insurance

To get insurance to victims of accidents to passengers of public transport will become easier in the near future. The Ministry of transport has developed a new document which will give the insurers the chance to deny people payment. As it became known “MK”, the Department has prepared a draft Directive.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the document we are talking about incidents on all types of transport, from buses and metro to the cruise ships and Airliners. Now after the accident the injured passenger shall submit to the insurance company a certificate from the carrier, which contains very little data. As a result, the insurers often deny or delay payments. The new document will contain detailed information about the transport company whose bus, train or plane in trouble. Except the address and name in the certificate will have to provide a tin to prevent the situation when under the same name are several completely different firms. Also the carrier would be obliged to enter into a statement is not only the place where the accident occurred, but the number or the name of the route. Another innovation relevant to victims in ships and trains, — specifies the number of the cabin or compartment. Now the lack of such information in the help for the passengers turns out to be a failure of insurers. The clerk could easily say that he doubts that a citizen injured because of the accident, and not by their own negligence. Finally, the officials decided to clearly define the rules and terms of drawing up such acts for insurance companies. Paperwork can the captain of a vessel or the driver directly at the place of accident. However, as stated in the draft document to assure help seal the carrier is not required. If in hot pursuit to give the passenger a cherished event act will fail to make it should take five days.

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