After unsuccessful queries Russia self-made Browder in the database of Interpol

The name of the financier William Browder were in the database of Interpol in the bypass procedures for coordination with the General Secretariat of the international organization. According to British media reports, Russia, “using loopholes”, independently made Browder in the database unilaterally, after many fruitless queries about the arrest of the financier.

photo: AP

As according to an influential British newspaper the Guardian, President of Hermitage Capital, William Browder, was in the database of Interpol, where he introduced the Russian side unilaterally. This has allowed the procedure for “diffusion”, which is a newsletter directly to members of the organization without the participation of the Interpol General Secretariat the international police organization. The name of the financier added to the database to query for the arrest.

As writes the edition, on introduction Browder in the database of the Interpol General Secretariat bypass became known on Saturday. The Ministry of internal security of the United States e-mail warned the American William Browder, who owns a British passport, cancellation of his membership of a simplified entry to the country.

“Further phone calls confirmed that he was added to Interpol’s database through the process known as “diffusion”, – says the publication.

The Russian side has repeatedly filed a request for the arrest of an international financier and investor, but these queries did not lead to any result. The most recent request for the arrest and extradition of the head of the Hermitage Capital was filed with Interpol in August. In the Russian General Prosecutor’s office insisted on the announcement of the financier in the international search. In Interpol filed a protest after the failure in search of a British citizen. In an international organization every time pointed to the political nature of the case Browder. On this basis, the Interpol General Secretariat refuses the Russian side within the submitted queries.

In Russia, the financier, who heads what was once the largest investment Fund, who worked on the Russian securities market, is accused of evasion from payment of taxes. In this charge William Browder was convicted in absentia in Russia in 2013. The damage from the actions of Browder and his accomplices, the Federal tax service is estimated at four billion rubles.

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