“ANO movement won the most votes in the elections in the Czech Republic

– Czech movement of APO from 29.64% of the votes wins the parliamentary elections, said on Saturday the Czech radio.

This gives the party led by the Czech billionaire Andrew Babish, to take in the new Parliament of 78 seats.

In second place coming out party Civic democratic party (to 11.32%). This result allows the party to spend in the new Parliament of 25 deputies.

Third place for the Pirate party, which voted 10,79% of the voters that gives her the right to 22 seats in Parliament.

In the fourth place the party of “Freedom and direct democracy” from 10.64% of the vote and is also entitled to 22 seats in Parliament.

In addition, in the Parliament are five parties – the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia (7,76%, 15 deputies), the Social democratic party (7,27%, 15 members), the Christian democratic Union (5,8%, 10 deputies), the party of “Top 09” (of 5.31%, seven members) and party CAMP (5,18%, six deputies).

Parliamentary elections were held in the Czech Republic on Friday and Saturday. The voter turnout amounted to 60,63%.

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