“Court of arbitration for sport refused to consider the merits of the claim 34 Russian Paralympians

– The court of arbitration for sport (CAS) in Lausanne announced the refusal to consider the merits of the claim 34 Russian Paralympians headed a three-time winner of the Games Margarita Goncharova to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) of the non-admission for the Paralympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, informs the Agency “All sports” referring to a sports lawyer Artem Pateva.

“Today we finally received the CAS decision on the claim 34 Russian Paralympic athletes to the IPC on not allowing for the Paralympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Let me remind you that the wait lasted more than seven months of hearings was held on March 15, several times we received notices about the new expected time of announcement of the decision. However, decisions on 28 pages…”, he said.

“No, three arbitrators – the Chairman of the bench, the Australian Alan John Sullivan, American Jeffrey Benz and the new Zealander Paul David is not denied us. They refused to consider this dispute on the merits, citing a lack CAS no mandate to consider such a dispute – that is, for lack of jurisdiction,” said PZEV.

He said that to further protect the interests of Paralympic athletes need 30-40 thousand Swiss francs.

“You can, of course, to consider the complaint in connection with the denial of jurisdiction to the Supreme court of Switzerland. But that’s 30-40 thousand francs of costs is highly implicit in the current environment the outcome,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the joint lawsuit in the CAS signed: 19 athletes (Margarita Goncharova, akzhana Abdikarimova, the Mighty Alexander, Irina Vertinskaya, Natalia Kocherova, Veronika Doronina, Olesya BayArena, Anna Pyatkina, Alexey Ashapatov, Ivan Goncharov, Alexey Bychenok, Vitaly Gritsenko, Alexander Ganza, Arsen Kurbanov, Vladislav Barinov, Dmitry Dushkin, Eugene Small, Vitali Telesh, Jan Szkolka), nine cyclists (Svetlana Moshkovich, Natalia Anoto, Julia Sibagatova, Alex Everyday, Arslan Gilmutdinov, Sergei Ustinov, Sergey Batalov, Sergey Pudov, Sergey Semochkin), three swimmers (Olesya vladykina, Anastasia Diodorova, Darya Stukalova), judoka Olga Pozdnysheva, powerlifter Vladimir Balynets and Archer Stepanida Artegenova.

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