Football “Spartak” – “Amkar”: Massimo Carrera before the match, congratulated Dmitry Alenicheva

“Spartak” in a great mood. Even in cool weather, pay attention only Fernando and his compatriot Luiz Adriano gave the cap administrator, going out on the training field. In recent time if we talk about the results of the red-and-white, continuous positive. Laughter, fun and nasty stabbing rain – evening training session and press conference on the basis of “Spartacus” in tarasivka, where he was visited by the correspondent “MK”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The only thing that can really spoil the impression – the infirmary, who does not want to let go of their walls of injured players. And now, looking at the smiling faces, somewhere deeply ingrained the idea of fear of damage, sometimes turning into paranoia. Alexander Selikhov several times clutched his shoulder after the training kicks in “nine” and periodically straightened the shorts near the hip. Artem Rebrov is still not in the cage, because suddenly something will be only Alexander Timofeev. And now Selikhov does not skimp on the compliments addressed to the team after each successful action the young goalkeeper.

Ahead of the match with “amkarom” behind the defeat of Sevilla. We have plenty to talk about. Questions about the past and about the future event weeks. Massimo Carrera was rich and day. In the morning the coach called for “Luzhniki” and honored the memory of victims of the tragedy in 1982, also, as it turned out, Carrera had time to congratulate with the birthday of his former colleague Dmitry Alenicheva, and late in the afternoon after a workout, talked to reporters:

– After the trauma of the goalkeeper of “Spartacus” was compounded by the problems with the Russians in the squad. Are you going to have someone from the reserves? Rotation and so the minimum.

– Nobody was taken from a double. All right. I always try to build the part from the readiness of the players, and not those who are nice to me. The degree of rotation decides the training field.

– Will there be difficulty in the preparation of players to the Administration after the defeat of Sevilla?

– All is forgotten. The next day we started working on preparation for the Administration. The team understands what to do, not to be mistaken.

-The goal of Glushakova UEFA has named the best…

– I think that definitely, players nice. But individual merit not have happened if not for the play of the whole team. This I am glad.

– What is the most difficult in preparation for “Amkar”?

– I think that this team, which should not be underestimated. They in the last five matches (four League and one Cup) never lost, moreover, have won four games and not conceded a single goal.

– Do you connect the return of Promesa and Glushakova with a positive result in the last iatco “Spartacus”?

– “Spartak” moving in the right direction. Sometimes something does not work, but it’s part of football. You should not write off the victory, the defeat on the absence, the presence of a player. Of course, Glushakov and Promes players for the team is very important and we all welcome their return.

– Melgarejo in the last matches plays great, what happened to him?

– Probably, there was confidence. The most important thing. He trains well, plays well, is to his credit, he is a professional.

– Can we say that the scheme with four at the back for Spartak basic?

– We start from the opponent, but in football you have to play by different schemes also need to always be logical, and players must be ready to perform all installations on the field.

– “Zenith” and CSKA lost points in the previous round CSKA lost in the Champions League, it somehow affects you?

– We do not pay attention to the opponents. I try to pay attention to only “Spartak”. Our goal is to strive for the result, but that doesn’t mean I want someone bad. I’m not happy, for example, the fact that the Russian clubs play in the competition.

A few questions answered and Dmitry Kombarov:

-Managed to forget the “tell the truth” before the match with “amkarom”?

– The next day, read the press, he reviewed and set aside. Preparing very seriously. We hope that taking part in the title race.

In particular, thanks to the victory of the Tula “Arsenal” over “Zenith”. Thanked his brother for an assist?

– Called, congratulated on a great game.

– “Spartak” is playing on three fronts, how are the players?

– We have experienced team. Maybe at first and was tired, but now used, took into account all the nuances, got into the rhythm.

– Ahead of a meeting of CSKA -Zenit, what is the result acceptable for “Spartak”?

Now is not the end of the season to start calculating. Although these are our main competitors, probably, a draw would be good result.

PS: the Players of “Spartak” in the match against Amkar will take the field in black armbands, and the match will begin with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the tragedy at the Luzhniki stadium in 1982. Twenty-five years ago in the UEFA Cup match “Spartak” with the Dutch “Haarlem” in the crush under the stands killed 67 people. The first kick of the ball will cause a relative of one of the victims. In the near future at the stadium “Open arena” it is planned to install a memorial plaque in memory of the tragedy.

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