“In Kyiv detained the head of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists

He staged a shooting near the station of the Kiev metro

Kiev poliziotto: Zuma/TASS

– In Kiev there was a conflict with the shooting near the metro station “Akademgorodok”, a party which turned out to be the head of the volunteer movement of the OUN (organization of Ukrainian nationalists, which is prohibited in Russia) Nikolay Kohanivsky, reports the Internet-the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

The information that near the metro station “Akademgorodok” heard the shots, came to the duty part at 16:15.

“Previously it is established that there was Nicholas K. with his wife. He had verbal conflict with the unknown, during which the head of the volunteer movement, the OUN (probably from the device for shooting of rubber bullets) fired several shots at the stranger,” – said the Kyiv police.

The victim in the shooting has received tangential wounds in the back and leg. He assisted on the spot. Both men taken to the police Department to determine the causes and circumstances of the conflict.

The scene in the grass discovered a traumatic pistol the PMR and spent cartridges of caliber of 9 mm.

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