“Measures Madrid vs Catalonia met in Barcelona “bucket protest”

After the announcement of the possible introduction of external control in the Autonomous region, residents took to the balconies and started banging pots and pans

A protest from the balcony in Barceloneta: Reuters

– Barcelona on Saturday responded to measures of the Spanish government against Catalonia spontaneous “bucket” protests, according to the Internet portal of the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia (“Vanguardia”).

The publication notes that after the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the government’s decision to enact the 155-th article of the Constitution, stipulating in particular the external management on the territory of the Autonomous community, many residents of Barcelona took to the balcony of the house and began banging pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.

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Such traditional popular protests are held in cities and towns of Catalonia for the past few weeks.

The official reaction of the Catalan authorities on the decisions of the Spanish government is expected to be 21:00 local time (22:00 Moscow time), when you are the head of the Generalitat (the Executive government of Catalonia) Carles Pujdeme.

Before this will take place in Barcelona planned protest against the detention of two leaders of social movements advocating for the independence of Catalonia, Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Quiera. Pujdeme and other representatives of the government of Catalonia intend to be there.

Earlier on Saturday at the extraordinary meeting of the government of Spain has decided on the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution the Autonomous community of Catalonia, announced at a press conference, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. In accordance with this article all around Catalonia can be removed from power, and leadership in this Autonomous community of Spain will carry out a representative appointed by Madrid, and then in Catalonia after the election.

According to Rajoy, “this measure is applied to restore the rule of law, normal functioning, recovery and elections in Catalonia”.

Now the decision of the Spanish government needs the approval of the Senate. Session dedicated to this issue scheduled for October 27.

1 October in Catalonia held a referendum on independence. The constitutional court of Spain, declared the vote unconstitutional.

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