Rumors about the tiger attack in Moscow denied: trainer bitten by dogs

From a pack of stray dogs led by a homeless alabaam suffered a famous tamer of horses Anastasia Stegan-Fedotov in the afternoon on Saturday. The animals attacked the actress when she was walking their Dachshund near the circus “rainbow” in fleet street. It is noteworthy that the first injury, received by Carney, blamed on tiger!

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK” in that day the 30-year-old Anastasia came to the circus to the rehearsal room with the horses. And before that, went for a walk with a year-old Dachshund named Archie. Anastasia went to the Park (it’s right behind the circus). For her trouble ran through here a pack of stray dogs — a total of five goals (three large, two medium). The leader of the dogs, as they say eyewitnesses, was Alabai. The dog saw the Dachshund began to attack her. To protect the pet, the artist, took the dog with hands and itself has suffered — unfriendly Alabai began to hit a girl, torn clothes and bit me in the thigh. Miraculously the artist managed to fight back and to get to the circus.

The young man Anastasia heard the cries for help and at first, not understanding, has decided that the girl’s heart was attacked by the tiger. The circus is home to six year old predators, and at that moment the mother of Anastasia — the honoured artist of Russia Elena Fedotova, spent a rehearsal with them.

Doctors hospitalized the patient to the Department of traumatology, research Institute of Sklifosovsky, where the wound was treated, and then Anastasia was given an injection against rabies. Stitch the damage was not required. Previously, the patient will be discharged on Monday.

Representatives of the circus has appealed to local officials, so they called the service for catching of stray dogs, as this pack a long time terrifies the locals, strolling in the Park.


Anastasia Stegan-Fedotov – the representative of the famous circus dynasty of trainers Fedotov in the third generation. In 2015 she won the prestigious circus festival held in Monaco.

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