“The defense Ministry has compared Raqqa Dresden 1945

As a result of airstrikes of US coalition has killed thousands of civilians, said Igor Konashenkov

Rockfoto: Reuters

– Thousands of civilians have been killed in Syria’s raqqa air strikes of the US coalition, the city was destroyed, said on Sunday the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.

“Raqqa has inherited the fate of Dresden in 1945, erased from the earth, the Anglo-American bombing,” he said.

“What, then, is dictated by the rush of the Western capitals with the target funding only Rakka? One thing remains – the desire to quickly cover up the traces of the barbaric bombing of the US air force and the coalition, buried in the ruins of thousands of Raqqa “liberated” from ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia – if) civilians,” – said Konashenkov.

Konashenkov also said that “the bravura statements of official representatives of the US administration about the “outstanding victory” over ISIS in raqqa cause confusion”. He recalled that yesterday the state Department called the liberation of the city a crucial point in the fight against ISIS.

“In the view of Washington ISIS controlled in Syria only Raqqa, a provincial town where before the war there lived about 200 thousand people, and the beginning of a five-month coalition operations on its release – not more than 45 thousand. For comparison, Deir ez-Zor with the vast suburbs of the Euphrates river before the war was inhabited by over 500 thousand people, and liberated the whole territory of the Syrian troops with the support of Russian air force in 10 days”, – said Konashenkov.

He said that in Deir ez-Zor daily return of thousands of residents in the city of peace.

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