Two months American teacher seduce young student in class

Another sex scandal erupted in the American school. According to media reports, the authorities of the state of Florida brought charges against teacher who repeatedly engage in sexual intercourse with a student right in the walls of the school.


According to the Independent, Florida in the us investigated the circumstances of the case of the seduction of a school teacher named Hagerty fifteen-year-old student. Authorities accuse Jacqueline Truman, who has already resigned from the school, that she for two months was engaged in intimacy with a minor.

She, the girl admitted to law enforcement that her relationship with the teacher was consensual. However, the age of consent according to the laws of the state begins with the age of eighteen.

During the testimony of a fifteen year-old girl said she came into intimate contact with the teacher five to ten times right in the classroom.

Currently, the teacher already arrested, she was charged with indecent assault against minors. It is known that Jacqueline Truman during the events that took place in 2016, was a substitute teacher.

Seminole County investigators arrested, charged 30 year old high school teacher Jaclyn Truman w/two counts of lewd acts on a minor student.

— Seminole County S. O. (@SeminoleSO) 20 Oct 2017.

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