“Unknown with a knife attacked passers-by in downtown Munich

The attack is injured; the attacker fled on a Bicycle

Police Monkeyphoto: DPA/TASS

– Several people were injured on Saturday in an attack by unknown passers-by in the centre of Munich, according to local press, citing police. According to Deutsche Welle, unknown carried out an attack in four or five different locations in the city centre, including areas of Rosenheimerplatz and Paulasairez, as well as on the street Staendlerstrasse.

According to preliminary data, the man wounded at least four people. According to the newspaper Bild, one of the victims is in critical condition.

His attacker managed to escape, the police conducts its searches. Witnesses have described him as a man at the age of about 40 years. He left the scene on a Bicycle.

Police are urging residents to be vigilant and to refrain from visiting the area near Rosenheimerplatz.

In July of this year came from the UAE attacked the people in the supermarket in Hamburg. One of the seven injured people died. Police in Hamburg have arrested a man, she was known as a radical Islamist.

At the end of 2016, the truck ran over the visitors to the Christmas fair at the Berlin square, Breitscheidplatz. 12 people were killed and about 50 injured. The government then considered it an act of terrorism. In the truck, used to commit the attack, was found the documents of the Tunisian Anise Amri and his fingerprints. Amri has been eliminated by law enforcement agencies near the station in Milan after he was stopped for check of documents.

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