A Russian court upheld the complaint of the prisoners on overcrowding in the cells

In fact, two revolutionary decisions in favor of the prisoners made recently, the city court of the Moscow region Mozhaysk. Prisoners who have spent months in overcrowded detention center, to pay compensation for moral damage.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As it became known “MK”, claims the court asked the jury Balyk and Denis Gromov. The first has long been in jail No. 10, the second in jail №4 of city of Mozhaisk. History of their conclusion are very similar and the only difference is in the details. Balik first detained in ward-type room with an area of 23.8 square meters, with 8 beds. Then it was moved to the cell area of 12.4 “square”, for 4 people. Everywhere smoked, although the man does not tolerate tobacco smoke. In any case, each prisoner went out a total of less than 4 square metres prescribed by law.

Denis Gromov lived in two chambers: the area 32, 7 and 11 sq. meters, intended to contain 14 and 3 prisoners. It is also not lucky with the neighbors: everyone was heavily Smoking. In his claim, he wrote that such a cramped and stuffy, coupled with the inability to breathe smoke-filled room caused him physical and moral suffering. Gromov demanded compensation in the amount of 700 thousand rubles, and Balik -1 million.

Usually Russian courts satisfy such claims, and in the end the prisoners reach the European court of human rights that gets in their way and eventually assigns the payment of several thousand euros. But in this case, the Moscow region court has been progressive and has appointed a payoff in amount of 5 and 10 thousand rubles respectively. To challenge this decision will be more difficult as it is formally rendered in favor of the prisoners. It is noteworthy that to pay the money will have UFSIN of Russia in Moscow region.

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