After pairs of students will teach to sail and manage drones

On the basis of the don state technical University (DSTU) opened a joint project of DSTU-DOSAAF. Now, after a steam it will be possible to handle a gun to learn how to drive and even to sail.

Photo: DOSAAF Russia.

Historically, the main task of DOSAAF was the military-Patriotic education of youth. Therefore, during Soviet times, schools and Universities were DOSAAF for the main platforms. However, until recently, joint projects with universities, the organization was not.

May 4 this year between the DSTU rector Besarion Meskhi and the Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia the General-Colonel Alexander by Kolmakova signed an agreement of cooperation. And now, almost six months later, the University opened a joint project of DSTU-DOSAAF, which brought together 14 student sports clubs and divisions of the University.

Now, without leaving the University walls, students can learn in sports clubs, learn to control the drone and to learn the profession of a dog handler. For them, all classes are free.

– Training in DOSAAF-DGTU – not just a preparation for military service. In the educational centre, young people will be able to find a hobby to you, visit student sports clubs and sports”, – said the rector of DGTU Besarion Meskhi.

This project is unique in that it is in fact the first of its kind. Before DOSAAF did not have training centers in Universities. Although it is students — the main “target” audience. Therefore, the organization’s plans far-reaching — to open offices in other Universities, schools, cadet schools and military schools. And of course, the curators of this project hope that this collaboration will be a good example for neighboring countries.

The local office already has over 800 students, and the organization’s hope that members will become even greater.

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