“Circus”: cruelly beaten by a radiologist in the suburbs, the offender escaped with a fine

The court determined the punishment party loud story of beating technician-radiographer Seeds Mikhailov in Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Beat hospital employee unconscious and broken facial bones of the skull Alexey Mironenko on the court must pay the victim compensation of 90 thousand rubles, while remaining at liberty.

photo: a frame from the video

As reported by Telegram-channel Mash, Mironenko, in addition, were forbidden to leave the city in the past two years (the restriction of liberty with marks from law enforcement agencies). By the way, the man already had a criminal record – including robbery, the media wrote earlier.

“The circus,” said the victim Mikhailov in response to the question, how was the judicial process. According to Mash, with a previous job, he quit and now works in Reutov. After the beating, he was hospitalized for three months.

The conflict occurred in August 2016 and was on video. Mironenko brought in Orekhovo-Zuyevo the hospital my sister with a knee injury. I had to wait a long time, and in the end the man allowed his fists. Mikhailov said that accompanying the patient immediately surprised by his question “who are You?”. The woman began waving his arms toward the technician, he tried to calm her down, after which it came under a hail of blows.

The record shows that Mironenko has already passed out, lying on the floor radiologist punched in the head. The victim’s lawyer is required to qualify the case as an attempted murder from hooligan motives (up to 15 years in prison), writes Medrussia.ru. It was noted that after dissolving the hands of man then still mocked beaten and shot it on the phone.

The article States that the Prosecutor’s office has softened the article, and a man was tried for “Intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health, not dangerous to human life”. The lawyer of the victim will appeal against the verdict.

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