Constantly drunk drivers are waiting for the “huge time”: MIA tightens legislation

Tougher penalties for chronic violators of the Rules of the road planning of the Ministry of interior. Fines and prison terms for those who constantly gets behind the wheel drunk or knocks down pedestrians on “Zebra”, will rise sharply.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the bill will affect situations where cops are caught on the road for a traffic violation the driver has already been deprived of rights by the court. It can be unfortunate owners left without a driver’s license for driving under the influence, refusal to undergo examination for alcohol and drugs, as well as having a conviction for, accident victims or lost. As noted in the interior Ministry, now for these habitual offenders already subject to prosecution. However, the maximum prison term is only two years. Because of this serious in fact a crime by the law qualifies as a small weight. The sponsors complain that because of such mild sanctions courts rarely send offenders during the investigation in prison. And the sentences often appear or fines (their security officials also believe small — 200-300 thousand rubles), or a conditional sentence. As a result, drivers completely ignore traffic rules, continue as if nothing had happened to drive behind the wheel, being under investigation, or immediately after the pronouncement of the verdict.

Now officials hope the more stringent punishment, to neutralize the security threats on the roads and to minimize the number of drunken driving. The new fines and prison terms will be developed in the near future. It is planned that amendments to the law will start working since December 2018.

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