“In Japan, polls showed the victory of the ruling coalition in the elections

On 22 October, the country held early elections to the lower house of Parliament

– In Japan, the ruling coalition of the liberal democratic party (LDP) and her Union, the party “Komeito” gaining the highest number of votes in the elections to the lower house of Parliament, said on Sunday Japanese TV channel NHK, citing exit polls.

According to them, the liberal democratic party can get from 253 to 300 parliamentary portfolio and its coalition partner the Komeito party from 27 to 36 seats.

On 28 September, the Prime Minister of Japan and leader of the ruling liberal democratic party, Shinzo Abe announced the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament.

In 2014, he also prematurely dissolved the lower house of Parliament after Japan’s economy suddenly found itself in a recession, declining for two consecutive quarters. According to the results of those special elections, the LDP won a landslide victory.

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