Kill the robots: story of the most bloody gangs of Moscow street cleaners

In the virtual world they communicated in the group “Time to hate”. In reality, the met, walked around the city, discussing the beauty of death and hunted people. Their idols were freaks. They considered themselves waste management companies.

On Monday the Moscow city court has pronounced a sentence to members of one of the bloodiest gangs in the last decade. Four very young guys and one girl for the year was sent to the light 14. But shocking is not even the number of victims and the cruelty and coolness of natural born killers. As if evil itself had assumed human form and took to the streets of Moscow. However, this comparison is likely only flattered fanatics.

The gang leader was Pavel Voytov to the meetings came in a t-shirt that says “hate” sent to… fans. Yes, these scum had their own fans!

About how ordinary Teens turned into ruthless torturers and why do they long remained elusive, — investigation “MK”.


Paul Voitov, 23 years, — a life sentence

Elena Lobacheva, 27 years — 13 years of imprisonment

Vladislav Karataev, 21 years, 16 years of imprisonment

Arthur Daffodils, 25 years — 9.5 years of imprisonment

Maxim Pavlov, 19 years — 9.5 years of imprisonment

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The victim

Read the description of the crimes, and there is an eerie feeling of deja vu. All this, down to the biographies of the victims have already met in another criminal case. Maniac Alexander Pichushkin — that’s who immediately comes to mind. Handwriting, location and types of victims. Frightening similarities…And not random.

4 Jul 2014. Park “Kuskovo”. 33-year-old carpenter-boozer after a fun evening with a friend walking home. And faced with the murderers of Paul Voitov and Vlad by Karataeva — on Park Avenue. He only managed to shout “for what?” then she saw the knife blade. Experts have counted on the corpse of 171 (!) the wound.

July 13. A lone man sat on a bench near the house on Izmailovsky Boulevard. He hardly even heard he was approached by two Voitov and Elena Lobacheva. Beat on it with a hammer, the knife with terrible force: traces of brain matter found at a distance of 5 meters from the corpse. Killed Victor came to Moscow from Orenburg region for work, settled in trust “Mechanization” to the test. Went to work, sat down to drink beer… At home there was a little girl.

July 26. The margins of the Belarusian station. Here for centuries were in possession of Baba Taani, she was known by all the locals. Dear grandmother all summer sitting under a big tree with a book. For questions about housing joked — a pier, has stolen one million roubles, and relatives kicked her out of the house. Voitov crept to her grandmother in the dark, hit her with a hammer first, then with more than 40 stab wounds. Wielded it in rubber gloves, to avoid leaving traces.

July 30. Next to the platform cross-country in a tent Voitov stabbed 25-year-old tramp. The life of a caveman was, in fact, ridiculous, clumsy: he was arrested for murder, tried to get first in his native Smolensk and then to Moscow — all to no avail. And here’s the final 13 stab wounds.

2 Aug. The address again: again Izmaylovsky Boulevard, again the man asleep on the bench in the early morning. Electrician by profession. Apparently, took over the day before… Strikes Voitov, was so strong that it damaged cervical vertebrae. The deceased in Chuvashia left 13-year-old son.

4 Aug. 40-year-old homeless man slept on a bench all in the same “Kuskovo”. Strictly speaking, he and bum-it was not just became unbearable to spend the evening in a tiny communal apartment in Veshnyaki after the divorce with his wife. That went to sleep in the Park. Come in with such force hit him on the head with that broken handle of a hammer. Then… It’s scary to write, hard to read. Sadist cut the bum in the stomach, took the reins and pushed the bag with belongings of the victim.

8 Aug. Murder in the Park on lavender Boulevard. The corpse 26-the summer guy was so disfigured that when he was taken to his home in Nalchik, the mother is advised not to open the coffin. Nicholas wandered in, not lounged — worked foreman in a meat shop, willingly stayed to work overtime. Summer night fell asleep on the bench near the house. Voitov and his girlfriend Elena Lobacheva first passed, but then returned to the smell of alcohol — so the vulture flies to a dying victim, sensing blood. Identified Nicholas at once: the killer stole the passport and hid it in my stash.

21 Aug. In the garden on Novozavodskaya street killed a real lousy drunk. In his bag there was nothing — not even a loaf of bread. The wife then said that her ex-husband went on a Bender for the past 12 years. By this “target” also could not pass. 48 stab wounds.

August 23. Odintsovo, Moscow Region. Man, not even the old and quite sober, goes to visit. In the package — milk, bread, beer. But when Anatoly merchandised in store, fell on him a look of Pavel vojtova. “Buys the beer? So drunk!” This crime is the ringleader made along with the youngest member of the gang, 19-year-old Maxim Pavlov. Beat blades together. Made a noise that one of the tenants looked out the window and irritably demanded to get the hell out. Alas, Anatoly is not saved. He was an electrician, even Postings in Sochi in pre-Olympic season.

August 31. The same couple attacked farmers from Belarus, a 48-year-old man, worked in Moscow in the construction. To the misfortune of the workers begged the foreman’s salary ahead of time — wanted to fall to catch to go home. But — a big heart — the money squandered in Minsk did not leave… He was Napping on a pile of rags near access roads of the Belarusian station. So he died in his sleep. 18 blows with a hammer, 51 stab.

Surprisingly, it was in this last day of summer bloody gang could cease to exist. An hour after the murder about Shelepihinskoe bridge Voitov and Pavlov caught the eye of police. In the backpack they found a hammer, pliers, two knives. What is not a reason to check? Them and taken to the police station to check, but on the way Paul… has escaped! And Maxim did not dare to questioned without his parents (he was at that time a minor). The mother quietly took the boy. Gloves worn in the time of the murder, Pavlov threw it in the trash right outside the police station. Such is the mockery of law enforcement.

September 13. On the street the Earthen Shaft Voitov and Lobacheva has chosen another victim — homeless, barely standing on her two feet. I got a hammer… And it is not night, people walked by, hurrying to the service. Nobody wanted to notice anything.

September 23. About platform working village also killed the native of Dagestan, gouged out his eyes. The knife he then gave Lobacheva with the words: “I again cleared the world.” By the way, Elena herself always took the “glamorous” weapon — a knife with hot pink handle.

September 27. Ulitsa Remizova. To Waitovu approached the tipsy passer-by and asked for help to buy food in the store. Paul knocked him down with his fist and repeatedly struck in the neck with a knife. This was attended by the husband of a friend Elena Lobacheva. But did not dare to open his mouth, not to call for help or report a crime. And the victim is a regular guy, engineer, father of 6-year-old son, that night was visiting and volunteered to go when the “soul asked.”

21 Oct. Traditional place — heating a kilometre from the Belorussky railway station. Killed a woman homeless. In a mad cruelty Voitov has outdone itself: for identification of the mother head presented separately, body — separately.

15 February 2015 was the last day of the gang vojtova. That morning, Paul and his new associate, Arthur Narcissus caught a janitor-Tajik in the yard on the street Red Kazanets. Everything went on the usual scenario: an innocent question, punch in the face, a knife in the side… But Danger were not timid, and began furiously to fight back, to scream. Murderers were forced to flee. The janitor is described in detail them, and to track the path of retreat helped surveillance cameras. Three days later, took vojtova and Lobacheva, a little later, Pavlov and Karatayev. Vlad at detention tried to cut his wrists. By the way, the same trick he did then twice already in jail. Startled Narcissus has escaped to his native city of Sasovo, Ryazan oblast, but got there on April 9, stealing butter sausages at a local store.

Read the reports from the crime scenes, and it seems that I have been in a parallel reality. Where are you, familiar Moscow, with boutiques, cafes, Nightclubs, galleries, rallies, “Swallow” yoga in the parks? Step to the side, into the dark yard, in a desolate alley near the station — and here it is, Moscow Pavel vojtova. Where you lost no snuff — just because someone felt like you had too much to drink. Or too simply dressed.


It seems that all modern bandits gather in flocks over the Internet. The story of the gang vojtova, too, began with communication on social networks. It was there that Paul nicknamed Het in the winter of 2014 he met with Pavlov and Karataeva, Lobacheva. Maxim Pavlov was nick Sekerka, Karatayev — Peach, Lobacheva — Ruslana. Combined them all sharply right-wing views and membership in a social group “a Time to hate”. Its administrator was Maxim Pavlov, and inspirer — user from Ukraine with a nickname Sharp Knife. If I may, we won’t quote the calls from this page. We note only that every second post called for the murder, and photos of young people with knives was accompanied by eerie philosophical maxims: “Love is finding the one with whom he will kill,”…

Isn’t consonant with “indulgences”, which at the time gave his soldiers one of the leaders of the Third Reich Hermann Goering: “Kill, kill, kill, and be responsible for all be me.”

In fact, the idea vojtova and companies to clean the world from “contamination” is based on Nazi ideology. They did not hide it. Vladislav Karataev in 2013, all in the same group “a Time to hate” under the name “Kill all” was written a few calls to “cleanse the white race”. Daffodils Arthur in 2010 was convicted of the Tushino court for involvement in a brawl with persons of non-Slavic origin, has received 2 years of imprisonment conditionally. Arthur was not embarrassed that his grandmother is Jewish and my grandfather was Armenian.

But for a long time to get adrenaline just from the Internet interesting. In June 2014 come in and the company is preparing to Ukraine at the invitation of one of the admins of the group “Mizantropik divizhn” — Ukrainian correspondent Vladislav Karatayev. Young people were asked to fight in the battalion “Azov” on the side of the Ukrainian troops against the militia in the Donbass.

Waitovu idea to fight relished. Paul always wanted to become a soldier, to serve in spetsnaz troops. In fact, his whole biography is one long training course the young fighter. From the age of 16 engaged in Boxing, then he studied mixed martial arts Pankration and the knife fight. The idea of “higher justice” visited vojtova early enough. Even when his family lived in Latvia, Paul set fire to the outlets, where, in his opinion, spread, spice, and desecrated Jewish graves. For which he was punished in March 2012, the Riga district court (jail). After the liberation Voitov moved to the Moscow region and settled with his grandmother in a small village near Ruza.

But the military plans of the group vojtova crashed on household stuff. On the way to the destination first to get off the train Sakirko (he was then still a minor). Come in and Karataev was also unable to cross the border due to existing at the time of the ban on entry to Ukraine of Russians male.

Realizing that battles abroad will have to wait, also decided to unleash its own war. The company for a few days stuck at home vojtova — thought through all the details of future activities. Coach blows decided to… the homeless. And almost immediately after the ideas young people have beaten the first two passers-by, and then near the station, working village — another.

And then the killings began.


“Who gave you the right to kill people?” asked by the defendant, the public Prosecutor, the Prosecutor Jaroslav Myts.

“The right to decide anyone ever made. I was able to take on these powers,” — said Maxim Pavlov.

Maksim — another psycho, natural born killers. Their bloody path he started not in Moscow, and in his native city of Rostov, near Yaroslavl. In the night of 5 to January 6, 2014, walking with friends, Maxim threw a 20-year-old guy who asked some innocent question. He survived by a miracle. But another passerby, who met them on the street may 9, died. Was Victory Day, and sadist with a friend all day, drank a case of beer, simultaneously discussing the ideology of Nazism. Was boobsvideos to murder a stranger.

During the investigation and court Pavlov built a primitive line of defense blamed their troubles everyone. As a child, his stepfather used to beat you up. In her Teens beat homeless man, sowing thereby a feeling of deep hatred for all marginals. In his youth was sucked into the Internet swamp. Moreover, the accused insisted he was just looking for information about the dangers of Smoking, and his zombie, his head a programme of killing by drunk people.

And if you think about it, in the testimony Pavlova is the truth.

Says a friend Elena Lobacheva:

“They were dressed in military style in military pants, boots, and all were armed. At first I even liked it. But then I was alerted that Paul constantly uses energy and talks all the time about the murders. Later Elena told me that with Paul they discuss the philosophy of killing, studying the “Bittsevsky maniac” Pichushkin. Moreover, from the point of view of practice. After meeting with Voitov Lobacheva has become more closed. In his spare time loved to watch horror movies. And even made a tattoo on his shoulder of the face of one of the characters — an animated doll killer Chucky. Back tattooed swallows and a heart with the inscription “One Love”.

How did this company ran into a girlfriend? Lobacheva grew up on the outskirts of Moscow — Vykhino. The mother who traded in the local market, drinking was much more interested in the daughter. Now the woman is blaming everything on the father of the daughter — say, in my childhood, dad often fought of the child, that rose knows that.

It is a pity that human memory is so selective.

As a child, she received a serious head injury. But mom wouldn’t take her to the doctor — they say, will heal itself. As casually she reacted to the attempt of Lena poisoning before the end of College (she studied for landscaping).

Brother Lobacheva is in Federal search. And Lena, in 2013, received a suspended three convictions for theft from cars. But if before meeting with Voitov her actions had no meaning, no purpose, acquaintance with Paul changed everything. Evil acquired a complete, filigree form.

But if you don’t want to see no evil, and it will be to live close, quietly killing the other. The mother of Lobacheva noticed nothing. Here the characteristic of Helen, the mother: “he Enjoys drawing, growing plants, likes to watch football, fan of football club “Dynamo” smokes cigarettes.”

Maybe mom’s right, and Elena Lobacheva really loves begonias and azaleas. But which Hobbies include reposts of quotes from Goebbels? Calls to honor the “prisoner of conscience” Breivik? Found in the apartment pictures with scenes of executions and torture? Photograph of the head of the doll, severed with a knife. A notebook with the entry: “the first one over a hundred times”. And all this was lying in plain sight.

On these issues the mother could not answer.

From the testimony of Vladislava Karataeva

“From communicating with Lobacheva it was clear to me that murder gives her pleasure. Both of them, and Lobacheva, and Voitov, was while committing terrible murders absolutely calm and enjoy it”.

What Voitov? The informal leader of the gang, obsessed with delusions of murders, violent as Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper… Also a difficult childhood, lack of maternal love? You will be surprised — it wasn’t like that. Mom literally blew the dust particles with your beloved son. Due to poor health he had not attended kindergarten, the woman was forced to quit work. Then she insisted that he played sports. And even collecting knives is an innocent, from her point of view, Hobbies — the woman encouraged.

On questioning, Paul admitted that he realized his mission — to become a cleaner society in 15 years. It is already difficult to find someone who has put this nonsense in his young head. Alas, the grain fell on fertile ground. The mixture of obsession with complete disregard for human life — and here you are, get ready killing machine. Almost wooden soldiers Oorfene deuce out of a fairy tale. Even the experts said: the murders committed Voitov, was brought to perfection. As if the crime committed is not a man, but a programmed robot, whose arm without flinching, could cause tens or even hundreds of hits.

He Voitov at the meetings of laughed when transferred his crimes. Accomplices usually slept. Or staring vacantly into space.

“Members of this gang don’t find anything strange in the fact that have made. Look at the number of blows that they inflicted on defenseless victims. What if it says that they got from all this pleasure? It’s not just hatred. It maniacs” — began his speech the Prosecutor Jaroslav Myts.

Youth gangs have been and will be. But, perhaps much worse a simple street muggers and addicts those who are trying to cover up its crimes by loud slogans — screen fight with drug addicts, homeless, alcoholics. True, among the victims of a gang vojtova lot of people with a dubious reputation. Such a tempting idea — to rid the world of those who are “not of this world”. Well, if a stray bullet or hammer touches the ordinary person — there was nothing to get in the way.

But the worst thing — these people have followers. Not coincidentally, after the elimination of the gang of neo-Nazi one of the pages was renamed to “Support Pavel vojtova”. T-shirt and the leader got it from these fans.

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