“MTS will purchase equipment Ericsson for 5G networks and IoT at 400 million euros

PJSC MTS and Ericsson signed an agreement on the modernization and training of the network to the 5G standard and technologies of the Internet of things (IoT).

As they say in the joint message of the companies, Ericsson in 2017-2020 years will put MTS equipment and software for the core network and radio access network in some regions of Russia for more than 400 million euros.

Total procurement of MTS products and services Ericsson from 2008 to 2020 could be as a result of nearly 2 billion euros, the report says.

Implementation ready to support 5G and IoT hardware and software aimed at upgrading networks of generations 2G, 3G, and LTE networks in the Volga, northwestern, Siberian, Urals and southern Federal districts.

Under the agreement, MTS will get a hardware for wireless communication networks, main equipment and new solutions Ericsson Mobile Softswitch Solution (MSS) and User Data Consolidation (UDC) for the consolidation of all user data on the network. In addition, Ericsson will supply software solutions for mass implementation of IoT for the transmission of data from meters and sensors using the technology of NB-IoT and Cat-M1.

“In April 2017 our company has shown in Moscow the possibility of 5G technology with peak data transmission speeds to 25 Gbps, and now we have reached an agreement on the supply of new equipment Ericsson, thanks to which our network, from 2020, will be ready to implement the first solutions based on the technologies of 5G. After the modernization of the MTS network will provide higher data transfer speeds, increased capacity, and shorter time delays, which is critical for IoT services and digital services that we are introducing today,” said Vice-President of MTS for the technology and it Andrey Ushatsky, quoted in the message.

“Ericsson’s solutions cover the growing needs of MTS in bandwidth and prepare the operator’s network to a huge change that will entail the introduction of services based on technologies of 5G and IoT. The development of 5G networks will ensure the rapid growth of digitalization in all sectors, will create and improve a variety of usage scenarios: for example, games with immersive, Autonomous transport, remote robotic surgery and services technical support and repair, based on the technology of augmented reality”, – commented on the conclusion of an agreement with MTS, the head of Ericsson in Europe and Latin America Arun Bansal.

MTS and Ericsson announced a partnership in research and development of 5G in December 2015. During the world Cup 2018 in Russia, Ericsson and MTS plans to deploy the demo area with the use of technology 5G.

As stated in the last report Ericsson Mobility Report, in 2020 must be approved by the technology standards of 5G communication. In the same year, many operators will launch 5G network in commercial operation. In 2022 in 5G networks without taking into account IoT devices is was more than 500 million subscribers. Broadband 5G mobile Internet at Ericsson expectations in the first place, will be launched in Metropolitan areas and will continue to grow similar to the LTE pace: by 2022, the level of penetration will reach 15%.

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