New star of Russian tennis Darya Kasatkina fan of Lionel Messi

Darya Kasatkina fall in love with the Russian public for a long time — since my first appearance at the Kremlin Cup. This time 20-year-old tennis player was very close to victory, but in the final she lost to German Julia Gerges. However to say we decided not about tennis — tired of…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

– Among the young is becoming increasingly popular phrase: “I don’t care how many spectators in the stands, I focus on the game.” You, as far as I understand, different in this regard?

No, of course you’re focusing on samma match. At each point (point — A. L.). But the energy of the crowd — it’s gets really. And I want to stay on the court longer. No, not to delay the match. But to win and stay in the tournament.

– The players, the players have told me: love it when stands on the cue ball, even against us sick!

– Yes, we’re artists. A lot of the audience — it’s great! If against ache — is in its own right. This turns me on. This pisses me off! In a good way, of course… It is good.

Who themselves the last time you were sick?

– Spaniard Rafa Nadal is constantly sick. Especially at big tournaments — they can’t miss. For Barcelona football…

– Recent matches have seen in the Spanish League, the Champions League?

I never saw it, alas. Concentrated was in the tournament. Plus mode: sleep I had.

– You were at the camp Nou?

– Of course! Six times, I guess. And in the Champions League and La Liga. Always when in town I am the match, I try to go.

– The first match as a spectator, remember?

– It is not forgotten! I was 14 years old. Played with the “Osasuna”. And brought it 7:0. But I’m not after this game, became a fan of Barca. Even then, it hurt when went.

– Why not real Madrid?

– Brother for Barcelona. Instilled from an early age I…

– You’re from the Samara region from. Football “Wings” or hockey “Lada”?

– “Lada”. Definitely! Went to the game in Togliatti even. Not according to Russian football I he not attracted to me. Here’s a cool ice — it is ours, there is a good play. On the grass of something not very…

– Which of the athletes are not in tennis is the object of worship?

– Leo Messi. Even in the national team rooting for him. Remember how I wanted Argentina won the world Cup final against Germany!

– Russia will Messi become the world champion in 2018?

– I hope that I can. He practically drags one team — maybe dragged before the world Cup?

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