“Polina Deripaska was the owner of 6.9% of the stake in En+

– Wife of a businessman and the principal owner of En+ Oleg Deripaska owns nearly 7% stake in En+, said in the prospectus for IPO of the company, which read “Interfax”.

The paper reported that family members of Oleg Deripaska owned a 13% stake in the company. Including 6.9% were transferred to Polina Deripaska in October 2017. Owning this package provides that Oleg Deripaska may partially or fully redeem him for the call option.

Thus, the current shareholder structure of En+ as follows: Oleg Deripaska owns 82,65% after B-Finance (61,55%) and Basic Element (21,1%), 13% from family members (including 6.9%, passed in October, Polina Deripaska), 4,35% owned by VTB.

En+ is preparing to hold an IPO on the London stock exchange getting a listing in Moscow. The company IPO may raise $1 billion, the structure of its main shareholder, Oleg Deripaska – $0.5 billion.

The IPO will participate in the anchor investor: AnAn Group, the structure of Chinese CEFC will invest in En+ $500 million at the offering price. On the basis of the price range ($14-17 per GDR), for that amount she will be able to purchase approximately 5.9-7,1% En+.

Another new shareholder of the company will be a trader Glencore. As announced last week, “daughter” Glencore Amokenga Holdings – converts your 8,75% of actions “Rusala” in GDR En+ Group. It is expected that conversion will occur upon completion of the IPO En+, the conversion price will be calculated based on the price of the offer GDRs during the IPO and the average price of the shares of “RUSAL” at the Hong Kong stock exchange over the 60-day period preceding the IPO En+.

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