Scientists have calculated the probability with which person can be a meteorite fall

The Earth’s atmosphere more often than many people falling asteroids — according to some, this happens at least once in two weeks. Most often, they burn up in the atmosphere, although they may still reach the Earth and can harm people or their property. According to some media, American scientists have found, what is the probability that the object is of extraterrestrial origin will be taken directly to one person or another.


According to and other media, experts estimate that the meteorite causes damage to human meteorite strikes on average once in 7 years. However, as stated, the Earth’s surface reach about 6 space objects per year, and the likelihood that one of 40 such celestial bodies will fall on the person, is only the 0.00001%, i.e. one in ten million.

It should be noted that previously, other researchers have calculated the probability with which a person can die when falling of a meteorite. It was 1 to 1 600 000. For comparison, the probability of death in a car crash is 1 in 90, in case of fire — 1 to 250, and as a result of being struck by lightning is 1 in 135 000.

To date, not a single scientists confirmed case of human death by a falling meteorite. In February of last year the chief Minister of the Indian state of Tamiland Garam of Jayalalitha said that as a result of falling of the object space origin of one person was killed and three were injured. Subsequently, however, experts at the American space Agency NASA questioned this version, saying that with a much more likely cause of the incident was “an explosion on Earth.”

The only case when a fragment of a meteorite hit a person, occurred on 30 November 1954 near the city Sulakova in the United States. Crashed when a meteorite is officially known as Sulikowski, but he is often referred to as Hajeski because its chip wounding American Ann Elizabeth Hodges. Fortunately, the woman survived.

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