Search and destroy: riot police in Moscow celebrates anniversary

On 23 October, the Moscow Riot police turned 30 years old. Now the number of fighters of the special detachment of more than 2 thousand people. Attracted to these units to provide security at public events, they are participating in counterterrorism operations. Why even on the professional holiday of the soldiers were disarmed the criminals and freed the hostages, learned “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The first Riot appeared before the collapse of the USSR in four major cities – Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk and Riga. But after 1991 were only two cities in Russia – in Moscow and St. Petersburg. During the first and second Chechen campaigns the riot police participated in counter-terrorist operations, bringing hostages from the theatrical center on Dubrovka, provided security during the Olympic games in Sochi and at many other public events. Now the riot police joined in the structure of Regardie.

…Built on a parade-ground soldiers in the form of Riot police. Such a wind that chills to the bone. The soldiers, even though they are warm down jacket, is also very cold, but they are motionless. At a ceremony in honor of the anniversary, employees will receive someone state award, someone- another title, and someone will just be awarded a diploma or gratitude for the service.

Riot police congratulated the higher ranks of Regardie, representatives of public and veteran organizations.

– Throughout its history the team members has always fulfilled its tasks for the protection of the security of people, – said Igor Getmanov, the first Deputy commander of the Central district of national guard troops of the Russian Federation. I’m sure right now the team serve trained soldiers capable of performing their duty in any emergency situations.

Inna Svyatenko, a Moscow city Duma, wished the soldiers of the permanent forces and improve their skills.

Remembered at the ceremony and those who died in the line of duty. The Pantheon of the victims laid flowers.

And to assure the audience that the homeland can sleep calmly, the soldiers demonstrated what you know and can do. The eyes of the audience they threw each other on the pavement, showing the techniques of unarmed combat, aiming shot, and for dessert generally fell under a passing car. On the icy asphalt rained down shells from the sound of gunfire laid the ears, and soldiers were sometimes scary.

Especially tense moment – the destruction of improvised explosive devices. First, the approaches package the cynologist with a guard dog. The dog sniffs the packet and delivers the voice – so it becomes clear that the package of explosives. To dangerous subject in a hurry engineers and technicians. To destroy it it is necessary accurately that it is not detonated. This is firecracker from a safe distance shoot from a special gun. In fact after the shot, an explosive device simply collapses, without exploding.

The next task was to detain the criminal. The roar of engines and tires on the field enters the car of violators, which almost instantly block the Riot police. And then, as fighters one fighter run and flies into the windshield, his colleagues surround the car, and that the perpetrator was lying face down to the ground.

But the most dramatic part – the assault on militant bases where terrorists are holding hostages. And entrenched gang very well and barbed wire and tower, and several houses. Riot police will have a difficult task. Under cover of armored vehicles employees are to storm. Working heavy machine gun, the soldiers clearly and harmoniously stormed one building after another. Terrorists derive with twisted hands behind his back, and the hostages.

Currently in Regardie there are more than 200 such units, a total population of about 24 thousand people. And they don’t sit for a year they have held 10 thousand operations to neutralize the perpetrators.

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