The business of compassion: in the capital there is a new type of fraud

In Moscow there is a new type of fraud: revoluntary collect money for treatment of poor kids, selling… free Newspapers. And arrogant “philanthropists” do not even bother to hide behind a phony Fund, or take a box with a plaintive picture of a sick baby. And the worst thing — no matter how much I explain that to the child will not come, no one penny, compassionate citizens continue to throw coins to buy the balls, check boxes, or pencils. “MK” talked to benefactors — real and fake — who stands with an outstretched hand and what are the money collected.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Revolotion can’t overcome because of gaps in the legislation.

…The underpass near the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda”, noon. The place is busy, the stream of people subsides or day, of course, in the rush hour. At the parapet there is a girl — usually so inconspicuous in his twenties. Black jacket, dark jeans. In the hands of a few Newspapers, those that are handed out free every morning in the subway. We emphasize — free and early in the morning. By noon they are usually already over.

— Buy paper, help the children, only a hundred rubles, — the voice is completely normal, no “professional” howling notes that have already developed immunity.

People run past. Absolutely dumbfounded by the audacity, approaching the benefactor. It turns out that the newspaper that, and so lying idle on the racks in the lobby of the metro, really worth a hundred rubles. Not God knows what money, but…

— And you’re out of stock?

— Well, it’s a Fund to help orphans… we are sending money to help the orphanages… is felt in the question the girl floats.

And it’s a free newspaper, isn’t it?

— You feel sorry for a hundred rubles? “the philanthropist” gets angry, turns away and steps aside. People run past, sensing a trick. We go down to the lobby of the metro police: should they treat the beggar. Although the issue is controversial: for every day in the same transition tearfully beg you to help Liebermann and lekalake, ostentatious military, past all supposedly fighting, and just sirye and miserable. They stand there for hours, apparently, their “business” of law enforcement do not care.

On duty at the metro station the female COP willingly climbed with us to the surface.

— Yes, if it’s money selling free Newspapers is, of course, forbidden, — she confirms. The first time I heard about it. Sells and for how much? Yes, I was just for fun… all in our responsibility area in a radius of 15 meters from the subway. So, Yes, if something like that happens, you can call us.

…Until we ran for the police, the girl, don’t be a fool, disappeared.

It’s probably you scared her off, smiling Lieutenant. Well, if anything, the next time you check.

And if the police could really not notice the woman, the others are inconspicuous inhabitants of the transition area next to it just saw. Saleswoman at newspaper stands, street musicians, entertainers with flyers…

— Yes, there was a girl, only I escaped, says the man supposedly collecting for the orphanage peacefully lying at his feet a dog, the second day see her here. No, the police didn’t touch her, she was gone. Whether its a newspaper? Well, it happens sometimes.

Revoluntary collecting in the subway for the treatment of the dying Bear or Lisa, isn’t news. Rather, alas, the familiar interior of the big city. Although already explained a hundred times: the transparent box with a plaintive picture of a Cape with the name of any Fund and even supposedly medical certificate — all this lime to unsuspecting citizens. Real charities do not walk the streets with a box — almost all of the donations they collect via SMS or Bank account. That is, so that they can be easily tracked. And if you hold shares with drawers — only fields with actual dates. Rather, it is advertised in advance.

Have our girls didn’t even have a drawer or bright t-shirts with the emblem of the phony Fund.

Funds, of course, not engaged in anything similar. Except that it would be the social event of the newspaper itself — but I’ve never heard of such shares, — says Matvey Masaltsev, IT Director of charity Fund “Change one life”

By the way, in the publications, which so unobtrusively made of black PR, from heard was in shock — nothing like this they will naturally not satisfied.

Is a special case of ordinary fraud of liebevolle, — said Vladimir he has been the President of Fund “the Legend”. — When it comes to selling a free newspaper is a fraud squared. The trend is not impossible to overcome because of loopholes in the law: not forbidden to ask for money and offer Souvenirs. And the transfer of money from hands in hands under oral promises are not binding pickers: they are free to spend “gift” as they please.

— Unfortunately, police is not interested in catching these crooks, — said Katya Bermant, Director of Fund “Children’s hearts”, the head of the project “together against cheaters”. — There are no incentives to catch the beggars, the poor, Liebermann — it’s all one and the same beggarly mafia scenarios. To chase them — only to fray nerves. If only minors are involved, then the police have the right to get rid of them, and some will not. All of this mafia, no one asks, in reality, their bread, all give the beholder. A charity — she is very rooted in the minds of citizens. It’s kind of like a candle to God.

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