“The court found guilty ex-the head of RBF in the plunder of 44 million rubles

Anikeeva, the defendant on trial does not appear, because, according to her lawyer, the justice of the sentence did not expect

Former President of the Russian basketball Federation Julia Anikeeva: TASS, Mikhail Pochuev

– Chertanovskaya Moscow court convicting the accused former President of the Russian basketball Federation Yulia Anikeeva on the case of plunder of 44 million rubles RFB, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

As follows from the descriptive part of a sentence, which is announced at the present time, the court found that Anikeeva, along with accomplices, “acting intentionally”, in the period from February 2014 to August 2015 by it under and its associates entrepreneurs have carried out the theft part of a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion of funds of the RBF.

According to the verdict, the embezzlement occurred by entering into a sham civil contracts with the owners on the various tasks. With no real activity IP is not carried out, follows from the decision of the court.

Before the sentencing Anikeeva, the court announced the ruling on termination of proceedings in connection with the death against the former chief accountant of the RBF Michael Kocharyan – the second defendant in the case, accused on which passes eks-the President of the basketball Federation.

“The court held that the criminal case against M. Kocharian, who is accused of committing crimes under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size), to terminate in connection with his death,” announced the decision of the presiding Julia Chernikova.

Thus from the descriptive part of the resolution that the court fully established his guilt on all counts of criminal activities.

Anikeeva at sentencing has not arrived

She Anikeeva at sentencing was not.

“My client did not come to the sentencing because she hopes for a fair verdict,” – said “Interfax” her lawyer David Khechyan.

According to him, the corresponding letter is Y. Anikeeva sent to court.

“Where is she (Anikeeva) is at the moment, I don’t know,” said Khechyan.

What punishment requires the state

As reported, during the debate of the parties state charge has demanded Anikeeva 6 years in a General regime colony, and for the other defendant in the case, ex-accountant RBF Michael Kocharian – 6.5 years of imprisonment with the termination of the proceedings in connection with his death.

Anikeeva is charged with two counts of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). The guilt she does not recognize and asked for acquittal.

Just as has established a consequence, officials of the Russian basketball Federation took about 44 million roubles.

In relation to one set of the defendant in a criminal case is allocated in separate manufacture in connection with its investigation.

The criminal scheme was revealed in December 2015 the newly elected leadership of the Federation as a result of the audit, after which new President of Federation Andrey Kirilenko has addressed with the statement in law enforcement bodies.

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