The death of actor Maranova put the “diagnosis” of domestic medicine

As is usually the case, the premature departure from life quite a young actor has caused a stir in the media.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

On the one hand, I do not like and condemn such “dancing on bones”, how do we even know the truth? But the truth is that some of the facts in this story even for me, very well knowing the realities of our medicine was a real revelation.

This story is so multifaceted that if I were a filmmaker, I would film. There is a two drama: the personal drama of a famous actor and the drama of national health care.

The identity of the actor Dmitry Marjanov I don’t want to touch and will not, for a dead — rest in peace and the Kingdom of heaven, but the living need to continue to care, and health issues here at number one.

And there are two, you might say, antagonistic “character”. On the one hand, the “wealthy stepmother”, it is also private underground narcological clinic, villain, evil, masquerading in the garments of good. And on the other hand, “poor Cinderella” of public health service of the ambulance of the city of Lobnya.

As often happens in such plots, a positive, but the poor and the unfortunate Cinderella fall down all the bumps, all the troubles and unhappiness. And in our history first-aid service in the face of a specific Manager, receiving calls, accused of all mortal sins: negligence and rudeness, and callousness. Main claim: the dispatcher refused to send the actor, who suddenly became ill, the crew of “ambulance”.

But gradually the investigators, and in some cases journalists began to bring out into the light of truth.

But the truth was this: the call was accepted by the Manager, and even the car drove, but after 4 minutes the call was cleared caused, who decided to transport the actor to the nearest hospital on their own.

Then started to turn out even more interesting details that have slowly put this story head to foot.

The original version was as follows: that the actor was vacationing at the cottage, he became ill, friends called an ambulance, where they allegedly refused, they called in the MOE, which transferred the call again to the emergency room, and this time the call was received. However, the Manager warned that “the challenges are many, will have to wait”, after which “friends” decided that it is faster to deliver patients to the hospital themselves.

The audio recording of that call hit the media and caused an uproar sofa guard. Me personally with a request to comment on the “outrageous conduct” of the dispatcher “fast” has addressed about a dozen radio and television stations.

I resentment of idle public divided. In my opinion, the Manager has performed his duties, and in the responses she received to her questions, this call could not be attributed to the priority. It is clear that now, when it became clear that the problems were serious and led to death, it is easy to blame the Manager. But if you ignore the fact that was already known, by vague and confusing explanations of the reasons for the call “fast” to understand all the risks was impossible. I am personally alarmed by the vagueness and putinesti in explaining the reasons for the treatment in the ambulance that I heard on an audio recording. There was a feeling that the caller in the “emergency” man is afraid of something and he’s hiding something. I thought that either it’s PAL and actor became ill when they drank together, or is calling an employee the “narcoclinic” and hesitates because he understands what the patient’s condition is the result of his “treatment”.

Indeed, the very next day, according to various media reports, the investigation found that the call in “fast” came from a private drug clinic, in which he was treated. And called the clinic staff. They also transported the patient to the nearest hospital. The same was said in their submissions, numerous journalists, who conducted their own investigation.

From these investigations, I learned that:

the clinic was underground, had no signs, no license for such activities;

— in the “clinic” was not a single employee with higher medical education, however, for the treatment of fit patients with withdrawal syndrome, and those who had to withdraw from the binge, i.e. heavy enough;

— immediately after the high profile death of actor all patients urgently taken to an unknown destination, and the staff fled;

— according to some media reports, despite the fact that the clinic was not a doctor for the treatment of patients used potent antipsychotics and antihypertensives, which may cause severe changes in the hemodynamics of the patients, up to severe cardiovascular accidents resulting in death.

I personally have no reason not to believe these media reports, because they come from different sources, there are video and audio recordings of interviews with sources on the ground.

As a result, I see a picture of what happened.

Man goes into a clinic for treatment for alcohol dependence. Voluntarily or involuntarily — in our case it does not matter. What is more important: the clinic is not licensed and the clinic is no professional doctors, but people who position themselves as psychologists!!!

And more important. Quote more from audio call “employee clinic” to “fast”. The Manager asks:

— Has he been drinking?

Should answer:

— He had booze, but he didn’t drink for two weeks.

And that’s the main thing! Withdrawal from binge without proper pharmacological support — is death for the patient! The risk of cardiovascular catastrophe is very high! A stroke or heart attack can occur even at a young (under thirty) people.

And as we know, in this “clinic” were not doctors and therefore they could not, had no right to conduct drug therapy. Or still carried out?

Consequently find out if you will be impartial and objective.

But the fact is that by the end of the second week after the binge the person there are signs of cardiovascular disaster. Again quoting an audio recording of the call in the ambulance: “we Have a person became ill, apparently the pressure has dropped, well, actually, the whole pale, perspiration… Complained of pain in the foot, turned pale, began to pressure measure — not detectable, the temperature dropped. It is in the mind”.

According to some media reports, the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism — a pulmonary embolism. Supposedly a clot. But all this is still raw data. The official conclusion I personally have not seen. However, let me say: given all the circumstances, the person could die without thromboembolism, but simply due to the lack of medical support for the withdrawal from binge or wrong, unprofessional care. Let me explain: the illiterate, the use of potent drugs can kill the patient just as the absence of treatment. For example, the combined use of antipsychotic drugs and antihypertensive drugs can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure (recall from the audio call to the ambulance: “Now the whole turned pale, began to pressure measure — not detectable, the temperature fell”). The result of this pressure drop can be a coronary heart attack or stroke.

Knows that any competent doctor, even a student of fourth year of medical school. Anyway, I take this into account from the first day of work for the ambulance a paramedic, and I was then 20 years old, and I studied on the 4th course and on the calls went alone, without doctors and nurses. And understand that too fast decreasing blood pressure to relieve hypertension, can I kill the patient as well as the hypertensive crisis with which I struggle.

Removal of the alcoholic of the binge requires the involvement of skilled doctors, not only experts, but also experts in resuscitation, so it’s serious. Therefore, the news that such practices risk to deal with people who do not have medical education, my shock! How is this possible? Yes, as well as the presence of the entire population of Lobnya and the area, where he lives about 100 000 people, only 6 (six!) existing mobile brigades “ambulance”, which makes, in principle, possible to quickly arrive to the patient if calls too much.

The death of actor Marianov is the result of the fact that health care in Russia often engage people who do not have not that medical education, but generally uneducated. And if they do not throw a kick up the backside, we and all our loved ones waiting for the fate of the actor Maryanova.

Be healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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