The nun wrote a textbook family life: the Ministry of education thought on teaching

The head of the Association of parental committees and communities Olga Letkova told “Kommersant” that has interested the Ministry of education and science the question of the implementation of the school program prepared by the Russian Orthodox Church of the textbook “the Moral foundations of family life”.

nun Nina (Krygina)

According to Ledovoi, she met with the Deputy Minister Tatyana Golikova Sinyugina, which considered the issue of mandatory teaching of the subject “timely and reasonable”. The inclusion of the course in the school curriculum (in its framework, developed educational-methodical complexes for the 10th and 11th grades) will be considered at a meeting of educational-methodical Association on education in the Russian Academy of education, which will be held in November.

The Ministry of education have confirmed this information, stating that “proposals will be considered.” Letkova she added, “professionals should determine how this course can be embedded in the education system, will be made by the queries in the subjects with a proposal to Express how this could be done.”

The authors of the course, now running in the 60 regions of the Russian Federation, are the Yekaterinburg Dmitry Moiseev priest and nun Sredneuralskaya convent Nina (Krygina).

The latter is known for its many “Orthodox” psychological lectures, actively distributed on the Internet. In them she talks about herself as a candidate of Sciences in psychology, adding that her own personal life with her husband did not work, in the end, she and her son went to the monastery. The fact of her marriage a nun believes the basis for judgments about how to build family life.

In the book “the Moral foundations of family life” are contained, in particular, the chapters: “the Hierarchy of family relations. The authority of the husband”, “Wife — homemaker”, “the Union of two families,” etc.

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