“The ruling coalition in Japan has received more than half of the seats in the lower house of Parliament

– In Japan, the ruling coalition of the liberal democratic party (LDP) and her Union, the party “Komeito” by results of elections receives more than half of the seats in the lower house of Parliament, said on Sunday the Japanese TV channel NHK.

According to preliminary data, the coalition receives 264 the parliamentary portfolios of the 465 seats; the other parties get 109 seats.

This win increases the chances of the Prime Minister of Japan and leader of the ruling LDP Shinzo Abe to win another three-year term in September next year as leader of the LDP. It may prolong his Premiership until 2021, giving him more time to implement his long-held desire to revise the pacifist Constitution of Japan.

Abe said that the results show that voters support his policies and want him to political leadership continued. “I think the results reflect the preference of voters for a stable political framework to implement policies and achieve results,” he told NHK.

In 2014, Abe also prematurely dissolved the lower house of Parliament after Japan’s economy suddenly found itself in a recession, declining for two consecutive quarters. According to the results of those special elections, the LDP won a landslide victory.

On Sunday, Japan held an early election to the Chamber of representatives (lower chamber) of the Parliament of the country.

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