“The ruling coalition of Japan has won a majority of seats in the lower house of Parliament

– The ruling coalition of the liberal democratic party (LDP) of Japan and the Komeito party won the election with more than two thirds of seats in the House of representatives (lower house) of the Japanese Parliament, transmit Japanese media official election results.

Overall, the coalition has 313 seats while the LDP took first place with 284 seats that are with her in the coalition Komeito took fourth place with 29 seats. Thus, the ruling coalition has reached the 310 votes and gained a majority in the lower house – more than two thirds of seats.

In second place is the Constitutional-democratic party with 55 seats. On the third “Party of hope”, created in September by Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike: the party managed to get 50 votes.

28 September, Prime Minister of Japan and leader of the LDP Shinzo Abe announced the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament. After this procedure, the Cabinet of Ministers announced a date for early elections on October 22.

Analysts said the early elections on October 22 was supposed to be checking the popularity of the current policy Abe.

Earlier on Monday the Prime Minister said that he will pursue a determined and tough policy towards North Korea.

“As I promised during the election, my primary task will be to ensure a robust approach to Reconciled Korea. This involves strong diplomacy,” Abe said to reporters.

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