The Russians are allowed to “knock” on violators of traffic rules across the country

The government figured out how to increase revenues from fines to the regional budgets: in the state Duma the so-called bill of people’s inspectors. After its adoption, citizens, uploading a special program in their gadgets, will be able to remove parked on lawns or racing through oncoming cars and “one-click” to signal the violations to the authorities.


The document was developed by the Ministry of interior in pursuance of an order of the President on results of session of Presidium of the state Council, which took place in spring 2016. The purpose of the initiative was marked by the authors as: “Creating conditions for realization of the public demand for participation of citizens in ensuring public safety, improving road safety in the Russian Federation, the reduction of death and injury on the roads, strengthening citizens ‘trust in the police”.

It is proposed in the Code of administrative offences to make changes that would allow police to issue tickets without a Protocol in cases if the violations recorded by citizens using existing technical tools with the function of video recording (currently this is possible only if the violation is recorded tehsredstvami working in automatic mode). To become a volunteer police will have to register in the information system used for providing public or municipal services. And then will be uploading a special program and having the right electronic signature to remove the mobile violation and send the video “to be.”

In the explanatory note to the bill States that this practice is widely used abroad (in some countries not specified) and tested in Russia, in Moscow and Tatarstan. Citizens “enough to actively go to the police and other authorities your photos and videos” on the offenses, the government officials said: in 2016 was discussed 126 million downloads in 8 months of 2017 — has already 111 thousand. But now these applications are accepted and reviewed by authorized officials in a General manner and must be accompanied by written statements.

“While the national inspector, as they are called in Tatarstan Republic, working for the legal field. That is why the courts in the Republic of Tatarstan, for example, fines for violations recorded by them are often canceled”, — told “MK” the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on legislation and state building Vyacheslav Lysakov (“ER”). Introduced legislation intended to legalize and simplify the procedure.

Organization of development of special software and how it is used, will the government. The authors claim that the total cost to purchase servers and communication services for three years will amount to about 2.7 billion rubles. Money is supposed to take from the Federal budget. But did they have to this budget, not reported.

For what violations can be fined at the video from the active citizen?

We are talking about the traffic violations listed in articles 9 of the administrative code. Among them violation of the rules of crossing the railway tracks, journey on red light, turning or reversing where prohibited, departure on an oncoming lane, failure to comply with Parking regulations and stop the movement dedicated public transport lane and failure to give way to pedestrians, who have priority in movement. But citizens will be able to fix and even made use of vehicles violations “in the field of landscaping, provided by laws of subjects of the Russian Federation”. The most common violation of this kind — parked on lawns cars.

Important detail: the citizen brought to administrative responsibility, is not obliged to prove his innocence, except in those cases where violations of traffic regulations or the landscaping fixed operating in automatic mode, photo or video cameras. After the adoption of the proposed draft law the presumption of innocence will not apply and those cases where the violation is recorded “people’s inspectors”…

G-n Lysakov sure that “the increase in the number of fines, inevitable after the adoption of this law will lead to the fact that all growth will face the problem of appealing against the fines, which will need to come to grips with”. According to him, “and now often mistakenly make decisions for video or photo where the car number clearly visible, and to appeal — tortured to go…”

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