The sentence eks-the head of RBF Anikeeva will make Oct 23,

Monday, October 23, in Chertanovo district court of Moscow will pronounce sentence in the case of ex-President of the Russian basketball Federation Yulia Anikeeva, accused of embezzlement of funds. Case based on the testimony of one of figurants of this business, as well as on the results of the audit initiated by the new head RFB Andrei Kirilenko, who headed a public organization at the end of 2015. The prosecution is asking for Anikeeva punishment in the form of 6 years of General regime colony, protection of the acquittal.

A frame from the video.

From the start confused with a very unpleasant sediment, as, however, and the actual elections of the head of the RBF in the summer of 2013, which crazybilly marred by scandals, although the post for the first time in the history of basketball was claimed by two ladies. The losing party that supported the candidate Svetlana Abrosimov, in the recent past the player of Russian national team, almost immediately raised the question of the legitimacy of the election of the President and the entire Executive Committee. At the moment most alarming of all were the reaction of the international basketball authorities: FIBA has threatened to suspend the membership of the RBF in their ranks, and then to suspend indefinitely the entire range of Russian national teams from international competitions. Only in the “old baggage” thanks to the international prestige of the Russian basketball figures — these sanctions are partially avoided. But it would be naive to think that this story will not affect the Russian position ball game. Both the national teams of Russia flew past the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, earning the right even to tournaments within the world of selection that was formerly our high sportsmen quite on forces.

Once again. Yulia Anikeeva, who headed the Russian basketball at a quiet time (the calm and well-being had to forget after a series of scandals in 2010), I remember not a choice, and questionable financial transactions with the accounts of the RBF. We are not the prosecution and not the defense. To evaluate, we can only results.

Games in London 2012 are still for Russian basketball the last bright spot (club level and do not consider, is a different story). The men’s team won the bronze, women reached the semifinals. The first case is a success, the second a negative outcome, but in both cases with the head coaches had to leave. Is David Blatt was invited by the Greek Katsikaris, and the story ended anecdotal: the team is not held under him one year, while the contract with the specialist had spent a lot of money. Women’s coach of the Lithuanian, Vainauskas carries the current champion of Europe on protection of a title in France and ranks them 13th place. But if in the case of Katsikaris to the termination of the contract team Anikeeva involved, the women failed Eurobasket before the elections. Two follow — up indicator 6-e in 2015 and 9th in the current differ from each other only by number, but almost identical in fact. The men’s team “not lagging behind”, and only in the autumn of this year — under the new leadership of the RBF — Sergey Bazarevich team of young helpers managed to lead the team to the semifinals on “Europe”. In addition to the fourth place, the experts noted a good level of training and modern style of play performed by the Russian national team, which gives a chance to see her at the Olympic games in Tokyo. As, however, and women, headed by this fall, the German Olaf Lange is the chief architect of the victories at club level together with the Ural powerhouse UMMC.

There is victory in the women’s world championship for players under 19 years, are impressive wins in the new Olympic discipline “three on three”. So, as we can see, basketball is more alive than dead. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that the era of “stagnation” sport with great tradition had to endure. And spread this era for a much longer period than the two years of the presidential term of Yulia Anikeeva…

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