The victim’s power Safari: why Russia is thriving apology for stealing?

Literature requires the whole man — without a trace. Science is also. Theft — even more so. Not enough to steal the budget! It is also necessary to grab his thesis (“bite” learning from scientists), and writer to speak — to steal from writers remains public attention, and on television not to get off, stealing the audience a lifetime, leisure — and without that poor.

photo: Alex geldings

Steal all you can: patriotism (to assign someone else’s feelings), Orthodoxy (drown the faith in hypocrisy), the state (speculation, “duty” and intimidate the “enemies”) and so on and so forth…

The idea of theft permeates the chain of command from top to bottom, as the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism under the Soviet regime, or autocracy under the tsars. All other “images of this” marginalized in the ditch. Theft — the main way of development of the country. They steal everything: and that is bad and what is good, what moves and what flies, what goes and what sits. Steal cakes at the receptions, the budgets of the regions and departments, centimeters, pavements and the coast lakes, rivers, seas, oceans. Steal land and mineral resources, gas, oil, forests and fields, power and sovereign offices.

Meet official-rich — spiritually he is separated from you by a fence four-meter height. The arrogance is incredible! The truth is, you’re not attacking his rich inner world, yet how thoroughly it protects it from prying eyes. A thief, and what modesty!.. Spiritual cannibalism — dismemberment and devouring voluptuous stolen lives. Money, “sawn-off” from the kids sick, sickly pensioners, “suckers” and “losers”. And then!.. The victim’s power Safari, social-Darwinist state.

Apologia theft is rampant. Whole industries are working on refining the ideological phenomenon. There are special departments, divisions, social services, PR agencies, TV channels, blogs, Troll factory, to “clean up” and keep in pristine purity permanently blackened reputation. Dry cleaning work around the clock — again, with the stolen money. Break-even, growing production of verbal garbage, demagoguery and lies.

Under the theft provided with a solid theoretical Foundation, is and mythology: “such trouble in the world,” “and others will take even longer”, “the invincible corruption”, “politics — a dirty business” and so on. Steal — this is our tradition (!), and differently supposedly it is impossible — does not work!

The highest chic for a thief to be the leader of anything anti-corruption, to write the laws “on counteraction” to the “round tables” and hearings “on the subject” and generally considered a fighter for the good against the bad.

Thieves — the largest employers. If you do not share the idea of their right to dominance in the mortal world and you are doomed to misery and extinction of the professional — they are moral pangs (even glances) is not needed. Thieves respectability is the greatness of the individual in the modern world, and it should not be questioned. If you are not built to thieves chain at least in the role of indentured servants, not wait in my life, dawn — you’re an outcast, a loser.

Without thieving qualities you are disabled, the “lame duck”, you’re helpless, like “person with disabilities” in an urban environment without ramps. Your social mobility is zero, you’ll never reach the career ladder, not to mention the reigning elevators. You’re the eternal victim, because “do not have an absolute right of ownership”, and human rights in General.

Thieves thieves are divided into patriots and thieves liberals, and between them there is a serious competition: 1) who will steal; 2) who better to explain the public the importance of their ideology and methods of “work”. In essence, this confrontation is our original “two-party system”. Struggle “Nanai boys” portrayed to alexiane remnants of the intellectual class — a toy antagonism provides food for many Scriptures, ideological battles, debates, talk shows, conversations in the kitchen…

In fact, it is better: plague or cholera? “Derzhavniki” or “liberals” in their thieves ‘ recension? The shooting or hanging? Hypocrisy or depravity?

The idea of patriotism also stolen (in true, unselfish of Tchesnokov), as, indeed, kidnapped and the idea of liberalism (individual liberty). Honest, the classic “thieves in law” groan, remembering; yet in their times there were “customs”, the concept; now the element of robbery flooded the whole country to the suburbs, her first of the hidden nooks and corners.

Stealing at school, at University, at a scientific Institute for defence enterprise, at the launch site, in court and in the Prosecutor’s office, in churches and in monasteries, on TV and in the seedy district newspaper. Steal in the parliamentary halls and offices of intelligence agencies, everywhere where there was a “mechanism”, where the cheerfully spinning the wheels of public administration.

Steal rations from a soldier vote in the election, manuscripts of novels in publishing and mattresses from the prisoners. Stealing industrial technology and the draft laws on combating corruption, stealing songs and clips, wives and lovers. All spheres permeated the “unity of opportunity” — who dared, the two ate.

Thieves know each other through clothing, “code words”, the machines and servants to the estates and license plate for mutual acquaintance and for offshore companies, according to the steps of the career ladder and favorite dishes and restaurants.

Thieves are divided into categories (like the table of ranks) according to their “weight”, capital, goschin, asset and media popularity. Sometimes the classification used scientific terminology. So, it is obvious that there is a thief-“applicant”, a thief-“graduate student”, candidate of thieves Sciences and a full-fledged doctor, academician, and hero of the thieving business. Depending on the “merits before Fatherland” go and state awards — who gramotka whom the medal, and to whom, and the order with the highest honors. All of this — Yes, stolen from honest workers. But let nravstvennye comforted God’s judgment and afterlife benefits, and here, “in this moment”, a parallel reality, “grad Kitezh”, the promised land. Clubs thieves, Church thieves, land thieves, joke thieves. Communism is for the elite! But not enough to stop absolutely impossible. Not a day without stealing!

Stealing pensions from the current thirty years, education in adolescents, the prospects of talented young people. In fact, the future has been stolen, borrowed behind our backs and eaten. It is not! Because of a sudden announced a contest — “the way of the future of the country.” Suddenly something ideologically nedobrovo, then it’s time to clean up the coffers of intellectuals from the plebs.

The whole world is our enemy — Yes, there are also thieves, but still they are not in glory. They are not the heroes of mankind, creators of masterpieces in cinema, technology, industry, trade, energy, discoveries in science. And indeed the surprising nature of generosity: she gave us forests and ores, lands and rivers, the great spaces and unique beauty. How do people who grew up here, this incredible greed? Or we’ve been invaded by aliens under the guise of human beings? Are we to experience “artificial intelligence”?

If someone does not know what written off this picture, well, I do not insist on their vision. We assume these notes artistic exaggeration, dystopia. But in any case not a denigration of our bright fact and not slander. Fantasy! Inspired by the surrounding life, which, in General, was beautiful. And improving every day. That expressed the poetic formula: “urge on Thieves thief, Thieves thief in court are Thieves accused thief, Thieves thief will give the term”.

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