WADA has started an investigation about doping system in China

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) launched an investigation against Chinese activities. However, it is not about the present but about the end of the twentieth century. The organization does not exclude that in the country there was a system that allows athletes to use banned substances.

photo: Artem Makeev

The German TV station ARD, who has previously produced several movies about doping in Russia, this time demonstrated a documentary film about Chinese sports. The main figure of the picture was the former chief doctor of the national team in gymnastics – Xue Insane. She said that in the 1980s and 1990s year the country had a doping system, which involved all kinds of sports, and illegal drugs were adopted more than 10 thousand athletes, reports TASS. And they did it with Teens.

Insane said that he had lost his job due to refusal to cooperate, and on the eve of major competitions, for example, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, warned her about the consequences of its possible applications. In connection with the threats she was forced to seek political asylum in Germany.

In connection with the documentary, WADA initiated a proper investigation, which will be engaged in an independent Commission. In the near future will begin the collection of information that is at the moment, and indications Insane will be checked carefully.

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