“WADA will check reports of widespread doping by Chinese athletes

The former doctor of Chinese athletes claims that prohibited drugs were prescribed even 11-year-old children


– The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has reviewed the media reports regarding the alleged use of doping by Chinese athletes in 1980-1990-h years, and intends to investigate those charges. This is stated in an official statement, WADA.

On the alleged mass use by athletes of prohibited substances was reported by Chinese doctor Xue Insane, which in those years worked with many athletes of China. In another documentary, Hyo Seppelt on the channel ARD has told that more than 10 thousand people were involved in the alleged state system of doping.

Xue Insan said that the athletes literally had to leave the team if they refused to take banned substances. According to her, the doping used even 11-year-olds. She is convinced that almost all the medals and awards won by China in that period were ill-gotten.

She left her post in Chinese sport in the Olympics in 1998 due to the failure of doping athletes. According to Xue Insane, then she and her family were subjected to pressure from the authorities, with the result that they had to leave China.

In a statement, WADA emphasizes that the Agency in its present form was created only in 1999. However, its experts are going to investigate the accusations.

WADA is investigating

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Earlier accusations in the alleged state program of doping athletes accused Russia. WADA had established an independent Commission, which was investigating. In its report mentioned about thousands of Russian athletes who can be involved in the use of illegal drugs.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied the accusations and cited the lack of evidence. However, many Russian athletes were suspended from competition due to report, including those not mentioned.

In September it became known that WADA cleared in the use of illegal drugs with 95 Russian athletes 96 of whose cases were considered at the moment, having come to the conclusion that the report did not contain sufficient evidence of guilt.

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