“We have our new “Bridge” build

In St. Petersburg, ending the Russian remake of the popular Swedish-Danish TV series

Photo courtesy of the press service of NTV

– Premiere of the Russian version of the popular Swedish-Danish series “the Bridge” will take place in late 2017 on NTV. Starring – star Duo Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Mikhail Porechenkov. Special correspondent of “Interfax” Oksana Olshevskaya visited the set in St. Petersburg, where after a week end of shooting the second season of the Bridge.

The production of the series is engaged in “white Media”, which is behind many well-known projects, including remakes. Among them, the adaptation of the acclaimed series on the American “homeland” (in turn is a remake of Israeli “Prisoner of war”) and the Scandinavian “Murder” (in the Russian version of “Crime”).

Scandinavian cinema has long been a detective forge high-quality content for the world, and the series “the Bridge”, with its unique aesthetics of film Noir, is a vivid example. The popularity of the series is obvious: their version of “the Bridge” did the Americans and the British against the French.


With the acquisition of the rights to the series in Russia, no problems. “White Media” is 51% owned by the company Endemol Shine Group, which in turn owns the rights to the project. “Accordingly, the rights to all seasons of “the Bridge” are we as an exclusive representative of the Endemol Shine Group in Russia and the CIS”, – said the “Interfax”, the General producer of “white Media” Julia Sumacheva.

Shooting the Russian adaptation of “the Bridge” launched in 2016, the year was filmed two seasons of ten episodes. In our version the action takes place on the Russian-Estonian border, on the bridge connecting Narva and Ivangorod. In the plot of the story is discovered in the middle of the bridge the corpse of a woman, the lower part of which belongs to the student from St. Petersburg, and the top – member of the Estonian Parliament. Therefore, for the investigation of the crime investigators come from two countries: the Russian side is Maxim Kazantsev (Porechenkov), and the Estonian – Inga, Veermaa (Dapkunaite).

Since shooting the main subject of the show – bridge – took place at the actual border, it was removed only. And the scene found the body had to come in Sochi – there was a similar bridge that failed to be closed to traffic for a few days.

Photo courtesy of the press service of NTV

The first season, according to the producer, the story follows the original, but the social problems that appear in the series, changed to reflect the Russian reality. “Instead of using child labour in factories in third world countries, as was originally in the original version, we touched on the topic of fraud with housing for graduates of orphanages. This theme us closer,” explained Sumacheva.

The plot of the second season has undergone major changes. The creators of the series took the detective a line from the third season of the original, and the story of the characters ‘ relationship from the second. “Since the second season of the original crimes are related to environmental issues and large pharmaceutical corporations, we thought that it would not be very clear to our audience,” said Kumacheva.


To adapt to our reality and had the characters themselves. In the opinion of the actors, the Danes and the Swedes are not so different from each other, both Russian and Estonians. Dapkunaite and Porechenkov said that the work “on the script”, and the latter even stated that they did not see the original.

“Our history in Russia is very different from what happens in Sweden, so when I watch Western series, then I strongly there is not enough Chekhov. They can show me, I’ll write the role that I play,” – said Porechenkov. “It is not necessary to compare it with the series, we have a completely different character, I know how to look and how our people are, how they survive. He is Russian”.

Dapkunaite, unlike his partner, watched the show, but “very long”. According to her, the main characters are radically different, and this was built “one of the arches of the whole project”. The actress admitted that at some moment you start to visualize, how to think on her character. “This man is standing next to me, I can step into it and visagoth” – tried to describe the process the actress.

Photo courtesy of the press service of NTV

To the character Dapkunaite will enjoy special attention of the audience: emotional detachment of her Scandinavian prototype is the hallmark of the original series. It is logical that it suffered in the Russian version. “It concentrates on one thing, and it goes straight. And that makes her a good specialist. She perceives the world around them literally and doesn’t understand metaphors. But she’s not stupid and learns to live” – described his character Dapkunaite.

Porechenkov sees in his hero a typical Russian man, who “wants to work” and whose life “many circumstances”. “Unsettled lives, a large family, a wife, a third-party connection. A huge number that accompanies our people,” he said. – “And she (the heroine Dapkunaite) wants to work and knows how. In this construction, the main conflict of the series. It is interesting even investigation, although this is one of the stories which will follow the audience, namely, how to build relationships between different people”.


On the show worked with two Directors: Konstantin Statskiy (“C”, “Closed school”) is directing the first season, and Maxim Vasilenko (“Crime”) is the second. The decision the creators of the series explained by the desire to divide the seasons, as each of them – “finished the detective story.”

“Styling the seasons will be different, and to see the main characters of the first season through the eyes of another Director seemed to us an interesting course. Because of this, we were able to simultaneously produce two seasons, while Konstantin Statskiy completes the installation of the first Maxim Vasilenko takes a second,” explained Sumacheva.

In the work on a “Bridge” State was guided by the medical principle “do no harm”. Swedish-Danish original, he not only looked, but also is a fan.

“The main problem of Russian Directors that they consider themselves smarter colleagues. First of all it concerns the ambitions and disrespect for the creative work of others. In this context, I believe that the first season of the Danish, it is a masterpiece, and it is foolish to try to tell others that I will do better. Here is another question: the main thing – not to muck,” he said.

According to him, he tried to preserve the Noir atmosphere that permeated the original, in parallel, improving what is possible. A clear improvement, in his opinion, is the cinematography in the Russian version. “This is the first series that filmed in wide format, movie. This thing from the point of view of the operator’s work made filigree, much better than the Danish original,” explained the State.

He praised the cast, noting that Porechenkov brilliant actor. “And the name of Ingeborg any sane person to resist will not. Is the actress who stands alone, and like no one else,” said the Director.

Photo courtesy of the press service of NTV

He said that Dapkunaite, who is a Lithuanian by birth, is literally accomplished the feat, learning the entire fabric of the text in the Estonian language. “This is the language of the aliens, a unique language group, unlike any other. I don’t know how the presenter does it,” said State.

She Dapkunaite admitted that to speak Estonian in the frame it was “difficult”. “I can’t say that I learned the language for a couple of months, but some words to pronounce,” she said, adding that it would be much easier if the bridge still would have been Lithuanian.

The rating of hope

According to NTV, “the premiere of the first season of “the Bridge” will take place at the end of this year, the second season will be shown in the next.” The producers took a bold decision to shoot two of the season, without regard to ratings.

“These television shows-blockbusters, which are already adapted in several countries, it is more convenient to produce and sell a large package for a few seasons. We are sure that the characters audiences will love. Our special pride – the cast. NTV is confident that the project will be successful, and we also do not doubt it”, – explained the decision of the producer.

Although work on the series is not over, the rating of expectations of a “Bridge” on the “Kinopoisk” exceeded 70%. While hopes for a high-quality Russian series is well over 100.

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