A relative with a knife wounding the journalist of “echo of Moscow”: “and He raved about Tatyana Felgengauer”

Attacked the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer with a knife Boris grits was a native of Georgia residing in Israel. In Moscow, a man unsuccessfully looking for a job and hatched a plan of revenge. We contacted a close relative of Grits, which on condition of anonymity told that their obsessions about Felgengauer the offender spoke with the family shortly before the tragedy.

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– After I learned from you, news has not had time to watch, began the source. – Yes, Boris is my cousin, perhaps, in Moscow there is no one closer to me. He constantly lived in Israel. Came here a month and a half ago, I thought to find work. Settled in Lyubertsy, his classmate Boris in his time graduated from the Metropolitan UNIVERSITY. Frankly, I assumed that sooner or later he’d catch up with Tatiana, but that the meeting will end so even could not think.

– Grits were talking about their intentions?

– I met him three days ago. He struck me as inadequate. Nervous. That’s when he started to talk about the fact that he telepathically stalking Tatiana Felgengauer, they say, that he had it, and having a personal dislike.

– He described it as?

– Heresy some carried. Explained that Tatiana intervenes on the telepathic level of his private life, gets him every night, why he can’t find work in Moscow.

– He saw her at least once?

– He’s been telling me about it. And at first I was under the impression that they are not just familiar, and even friends. But when I asked him a question — when you last saw her, he said that they never met, talked on the telepathic level. He asserted that she got him sexually. Tried to convince me that sex can have on the telepathic level, physical contact is not required.

– According to the Grits, he didn’t want to have with a journalist no contact?

Yeah, he didn’t want, and she, in his opinion, continued wishing. He also became interested in me, how can I find Tatiana. Tried to “punch” her address on social networks. He told me that he sent her messages, but she ignored him. Of course, why would a normal girl to chat with crazy? He even asked me the database to find her address. I said it was a criminal thing and refused.

And then, the grits decided to go to the “echo of Moscow”?

Now I reproach myself, but I advised him to go to the office and talk face to face with Tatiana. Then he said, “Who will miss me there?”. He added: “It feels to me telepathically. I when I go to subway for her, she went to the other end of the city, so as not to interfere with me”.

– He is capable of a crime?

– I am very surprised that he went for it. He never fought all the time running away from problems. Was a coward. One explanation — Boris crazy.

– You hinted Grits that he should be examined by a psychiatrist?

– If I told him, he would have turned and gone or shut down. It all one answer — you don’t believe in telepathy, but I am a physicist and know that such things exist. He also remembered how mother to him in childhood opened the teleport, and Felgenhauer was a strong telepath and has penetrated into his consciousness. Honestly, I thought to write to Tatiana in social networks about it, but I doubt she’d take it seriously. What was I supposed to do? To go to the police and say that I have a relative who telepathine Felgenhauer? And who would I listen to?

– You have previously noticed Grits something like that?

Seven years ago he came to Moscow in search of work, that’s when he had obsessions. He complained that he was persecuted in the bus, watching him, all looking at him. I think it was the first bells. Then we broke up for 5 years. Now on arriving here I met him. When we were driving in the car, he began: “Turn off your phone, follow me”. Of course, I did not turn off. When he came to visit me and we are talking about politics, slipped the name “Echo of Moscow”, he stiffened and again: “Turn off your phone, then continue the conversation.” I was curious. I turned my phone off. But nothing special happens no more.

– What is his education?

– Boris physicist. So confident and just go on and on about telepathy, convinces everyone, if studying this science and knows all the details of how you can telepathically influence people.

– He has a family?

Married Boris never was. He lived in Israel with her mother. The woman received a pension and worked as a cleaner Boris was sitting on her neck. He did not work. Completed courses like programmers. But the work could not get. Miraculously, once signed a contract with the American company, went to Canada. But after the contract, he is, as I understand it, gave a kick in the ass to prolong the contract with him did not, he returned to Israel.

– How his family was in Israel?

Boris’s father is Professor and mother lived in Abkhazia. After the war, the family emigrated to Israel. Escaped from Sukhum nothing. Lived in Israel they are well, father taught at the University, bought a house. After the death of the head of the family they became hard. Boris periodically rode to Russia in search of work. Even in Omsk at one time lived. But to hold on never could. Now again decided to come to the capital. Went here for some interview. But the work didn’t take it.

– The last time he had a woman?

– I would be very surprised if I learned that someone cohabits. It is a very unpleasant man.


Have you seen him? He looks scruffy, he stinks. But demanding a salary for not less than two hundred thousand rubles.

– What money, grits lived in Moscow?

– I think his mother had provided, than I could. Boris — a typical loser, but their troubles are blamed everybody around except himself. Perhaps because of these problems, he had the roof and drove off. Fixated on Tatiana. And roll it this way, probably, could only professionals. I am ashamed that I couldn’t prevent it. But who knew that Boris would go this far in their intentions.

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