Arrested a suspect in the shooting of drivers of minibuses Domodedovo

One of the participants in the execution of taxi drivers in the suburban Domodedovo was detained by militiamen. According to security officers, the murder of a 43-kilometer highway “DON” of the representative of the company “Rand-TRANS” has made 25-year-old native of the Republic of Armenia.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As previously wrote “MK”, the denouement of the long-standing conflict between the two carriers took place in early April. Information about the shooting, the police received from members of the local gas stations “ESA”. They reported that near their filling stations directly into the side of the road there is a real fight.

According to them, it followed that some Caucasians started to shoot of the three cars the drivers of Shuttle vans.Once in the “trunks” of the gangsters ran out of ammunition, they fled in an unknown direction.

Left criminals on the car “Lada”, “Octavia” and the minibus “Mercedes”. The outcome of the showdown was sad — 34-year-old Chechen Muhamed Umalatov was shot in the back. Three men with gunshot wounds of varying severity were hospitalized in Domodedovo the hospital. They all worked in the company of Rand-TRANS”.

Hot on the heels of the detectives to detain the attackers failed. However, they found that the cause of the shooting may be competition between two firms engaged in passenger transportation. It became known that between the victim and OOO “Saturn travel” goes a long fight for passengers. Some argue that we are legal carriers, but others say that competitors have received the routes illegally and their vehicles do not meet the requirements.

Opera also learned that the driver of OOO “Saturn-travel” a few days before the incident, was beaten by unknown men and it is possible that the subsequent shooting is a response to the attack. Security officials took the shell casings from bullets that was fired from pistols of a TT and Makarov, and also from the traumatic weapon “OSA”. An informant tipped the operatives the name of one of the four attackers. They were never working a resident of the village Ostrivtsi of the Ramensky district of the Moscow region.

After that, investigators interviewed witnesses, made a search at the residence of the man, but the man himself was declared the Federal wanted list. To apprehend the villain was only six months after a state of emergency in the Krasnodar region. The suspect was hiding with relatives in the hope that everything will soon blow over and he can freely return to the capital region.

– Currently conducted necessary investigative actions aimed at securing evidence base. The criminal investigation continues, – said the “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across the Moscow region Evgeny Kiryushin.

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