Artem Patsev: “WADA is not interested in sports war with China”

It seemed that the subject of doping, long time present in the Russian information space, start to leave him in bureaucratic red tape and officials. But suddenly about the use of prohibited substances started talking again. Now the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) is going to investigate reports of mass doping of Chinese athletes. The reason for the new investigation became the documentary by German broadcaster ARD, which stated that in 1980-1990-ies in China allegedly there was a state doping program. This time an informant of the author, a journalist, Hyo Seppelt was the former chief physician of the Olympic team China in gymnastics Xue Insane.

photo: Artem Makeev

According to the physician, systematically illegal drugs were adopted more than 10 thousand athletes in almost all sports — weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. The penalty for refusal was exclusion from the national team. As reported Insane, doping gave even very young athletes.

“Everyone who took dope, was thought to defend the country. Conversely, anyone who refused to do so, was seen as a threat. If you refuse to take the doping, then you had to leave the team,” said the informant.

Two years ago, Xue Insane left China and sought political asylum in Germany. She now lives in a shelter for refugees. The ex-medic, she fears the investigation at Home because its address was received threats from Chinese authorities. They insisted on non-disclosure of information about seems to be existing support program of doping.

According to the former doctor, Chinese athletes should be removed from all medals won under the influence of drugs.

As Grigory Rodchenkov in connection with the proceedings of Russia, Insane appeared suddenly and immediately made loud and revelatory. True, the alleged events in China, even if it was very long ago when did not exist and the WADA. However, in accordance with the world anti-doping code, the organization intends to take all necessary actions to confirm or refute the allegations of the informant.

To understand the background of the new doping scandal and the position of WADA we have helped well-known sports lawyer, representing the interests of many Russian athletes Artem Patsev.

— No real investigation yet. The Agency only asked a group of its employees from the investigations division collect and analyze available information on this issue, in cooperation with some “external partners”. In contrast to the situation with the “Russian doping” is not attracted by any independent person or the whole of the independent Commission (as the Commission Richard pound, which included Richard McLaren, subsequently carry out your own investigation), not issued as a separate “mandate” for the investigation with special powers not allocated separate funding, etc.

I think an investigation against China will go “nowhere” because no evidence, even if the violation was already there. Even if we manage to collect some real evidence, then the Statute of limitations on the anti-doping violations expired long ago (he is 10 years), and generally not fully understood the legal consequences of such violations allegedly committed long before the advent of the WADA and to the introduction of the world anti-doping code.

I think, in vada understands that this new investigation will not lead to any real results, and perspective on the law is very vague, if any, exist – and therefore focused on what the Agency will try to collect their own evidence, without spending extra money. Likely to be confirmed only that some evidence is impossible to gather simply because a significant amount of time that has elapsed since then.

— Why, in principle, to carry out this investigation?

WADA is obliged to formulate its position and to respond to the new revelation from the channel ARD, after his film provoked the outbreak of doping hysteria against Russia. If WADA now will not react, be subjected to very serious obstruction by the Western media. The Agency is nothing left to do but to be concerned by these charges and to Express a willingness to conduct an investigation, and it is to be expected. They are unlikely to want to get involved in a big doping confrontation with another sports power.

And to WADA and other international sports organizations already rather tired of this hysteria. It is largely artificially driven by the Western media and some “community organizations” that continually throw wood on this periodically damped the fire, and insist that all Russian athletes were suspended and the affected rights. It was the war with China is not in anyone’s interest, first and foremost, self WADA.

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