As Vladimir Etush left without a state: the details of the criminal scheme

Abuser of people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Etush, the former President of the national Bank of Abkhazia Daur 59 summer of Burgundia was arrested on Monday for 48 hours in the framework of the criminal case about the disappearance of 28 million rubles. As have informed “MK”, the missing money was accumulated “old age” capital of the legendary actor.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

As it became known “MK”, ex-Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia met with the famous actor in 1999. By this time, the Daur have worked in Alfa-Bank. He became financial Advisor of VIP-client of Vladimir Etush. Soon the men began to make friends families. In addition, married, Richter gave his wife a power of attorney to manage accounts, and soon the woman has renewed his name. With the transition of Burgundia in Lesbank family Etush transferred the money there. According to finconsultant, thanks to his good advice means the family of the artist has almost doubled.

After the revocation of the license of the OJSC “Master-Bank” and arose in the fall of 2013 the banking crisis and the precarious situation of private banks Daur advised friends to take money. And he was right: Lesbank later closed. After some time, the couple invited the consultant to my home to discuss further financial steps. Contact the state-owned banks wife were not due to low interest. But they were interested in the experience of Bargandzia — he said that their savings with the help of a prominent businessman and leader of the political party of Beslan Butba has invested in the construction of a shopping center in Sukhum.

“My wife Etush told me “wherever you go, we”, and we signed a loan agreement,” — said Bargandzia. Received 450 thousand and $ 240 thousand euros in December 2013, Daur converted them into rubles and pledged the family to pay 7% per annum. Each year the contract was perepodpisana with interest. By December 2016 increased to $ 530 thousand and $ 235 thousand euros. It was then that the family Etush said that will no longer roll over the loan agreement. According to Bargandzia, his partner was always given promises that soon will return the money. In the end, Bargandzia agreed with Etush to extend the loan agreement for another year, promising to repay the debt early, including through the sale of his apartment.

In 2017 Daur continued attempts to take Butba money. He filed a lawsuit for debt collection in the Metropolitan court on 68 million rubles in Abkhazia 3.6 million. At the end of October before the court in Kuntsevo court the man had met with a businessman and they agreed on the conclusion of amicable agreements within the framework of the stated claims and waiver of penalties. This man was supposed to pay off first the debt to the family going. For myself, Daur decided to play safe and put up for sale an apartment of his wife. In addition, in 2017 Bargandzia ahead of schedule has paid $ 20 thousand and 35 thousand euros under the loan agreement — then the family Etush were necessary money for treatment of the actor after the injury. But it didn’t save the businessman from criminal prosecution.

Investigation of criminal case is on control in the Tver Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office.

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