At the festival “Territory” the Russians have passed the test of “War and peace”

At the festival “Territory” has shown the video performance “War and peace” theatre company “Gaube Squad”, once based in the UK and now living in Germany (it’s the first time in Russia and was not except in Antarctica), and the Munich chamber theatre. The authors of the play believe essay Leo Tolstoy the main Russian novel. Within two hours, with the participation of us — the audience — they tried to understand what it meant to be Russian.

Napoleon and Alexander I. the Clowns and heroes. Photo:

Curiously, a few days before on a similar question: “What does it mean to be a Belgian?” — tried to give an answer in the play “the rules of the Belgian/Belgium ruled” on the same “territory” of the famous Director and performer, whose exhibition at the Hermitage a year ago has done so much noise and triggered the Prosecutor’s investigation,, Jan Fabre. With “Troublein” he tried to understand the issues of identity of the Belgians on the basis of a thesis of a scientist from the University of Antwerp that Belgium is a surrealist nightmare, it is not. What kind of a country is a tiny state, can only “art farts”? Fabre was subjected to an unsparing assessment of all it is proud of his country, until the “Manneken Pis”, for all its stereotypes and tell about the doubts and fears of his countrymen with almost everything. About the same experiment conducted and the company “Gaube Squad”, but with Russian, though, and does not spare himself. Would learn English the grandfather of one of the actors — and he survived the horrors of world war II, hated the Germans, that his grandson moved to Berlin, has a German passport and is married to a German! In General, no shrines, no authority, all questioned.

The audience not only sit in the stalls, but take the stage. Three actors — Sean Patten, Bastian Trost, Simon will, and one actress Sharon Smith present them to the audience. Three of them English-speaking, will sit behind the table set for a feast, together with the participants to speculate about life, the great Russian novel about Russia as such.

Here Mark. He is 15 years old. His father works in advertising, and my mother — in SPA. He did not read Tolstoy. Immediately, a young television producer, and while he can’t boast of sexual advances Harvey Vanshtein, but who knows… (fantasize actors). Here is the girl from the family of the officer, but, despite the involvement of the father to military service, read “War and peace” in school, skipping the battle scenes, like many ladies, only read about Natasha Rostova and peaceful life. It is engaged in the sale of works of art, good speak English, besides her birthday, and she belongs at the table. Throughout the performance it will be treated to wine and vodka. The company will make her a French citizen four years living in Moscow, after a romantic Dating with a Russian girl. He gives French lessons, read Tolstoy in translation, and of all the characters chose now of Napoleon, who soon appears on the scene. All broadcast on small screens and is a fruit of collective creativity of our eyes. The audience is involved in the process, become actors and Director, as such, no, everything is done EN masse, in unison.

No least as a coherent presentation of the plot. On stage — the sort of tent that is called the salon of Anna Pavlovna Scherer. It is not a classic, of course, but just a farce. And everything that happens in it — sheer mischief and disorderly conduct. Pierre Bezukhov, the role of which was claimed by three actors, dressed in tights and Anatole Kuragin have found a female addition, but on the causal place, wore a scimitar, and no doubt, the essence of Tolstoy’s character and what he took poor Natasha. In the final fashion show was attended by the count Leo Tolstoy — again actress in Nude pantyhose and glued a beard, the Emperor Alexander I, in fur cap, a white cloak, and under him — better not say anything (“Matilda” is resting), Lenin in a beige coat, Marilyn Monroe and God knows who.

Who do not read the novel (there were many — they boldly raised their hands) or read long ago, certainly wants to take him in hand. Neophytes will be surprised, because what they showed on stage is something else. Offended that night was not observed, although someone left the room. And we learned that to be proud of Russia could, perhaps, is that his great culture, not a Kalashnikov. Whether you feel the patriots — there was a hitch, people were lost, didn’t know what to say, but Russian culture and this time saved: Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy…

On the eve of the festival “MK” asked the inspirer and organizer of “Territory” Yevgeny Mironov the extent permitted to be bold, forming the program. Live in a difficult time: the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky scribbling complaints for the exhibition Fabre, members are able to ban and destroy artistic statement…

In the society there are such conflicts, and not only about Fabre. Well, what are we going to look? — said Mironov. We live in a situation in which they live. The public is now very active. In our country completely lost credibility the credibility of the professionals. Piotrovsky better than we know the art. We live in a free country and we invite those who are considered innovators and the best representatives of contemporary art. And if you make allowances and to engage in self-censorship, it is better to close the festival.

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