Attacked Felgenhauer madman — grandson children’s writer, author of “Ermak”

Boris grits, the accused in the assassination of a leading radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer, admitted his guilt partially. The man confessed that struck the journalist with a knife wound, but he had no intention to kill the woman. SK Russia opened a criminal case under article “Attempt at murder”.

The court arrested the grits for two months. Now an Israeli citizen faces up to 11 years of imprisonment.

Meanwhile, new details of the biography of the criminal.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Now friends and relatives of the detainee are wondering why a man who grew up in an intellectual Professor’s family, decided on the crime and how it happened that none of his entourage did not notice the change in the psyche grits.

Read the report from the courtroom: the court attacked Tatyana Felgenhauer not impressed psycho

— When we talked to Boris last time, he showed a diagram of a family tree, fully studied your kind — began a relative of the detainee. From famous people to his family were related to the children’s writer Theodor grits, who wrote “Ermak”: he was the grandfather of Boris. The father of the detainee was a Professor. Education Boris the father and mother took a lot of time. From morning till night grits studied, worked in various clubs, played guitar songs of Okudzhava. He grew up a talented and intelligent child. The parents put into it a lot. They loved him and protected, especially the mother.

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— In your family there were people with disabilities?

— In our family with similar diagnoses was empty.

— Someone you know grits noticed that his head is not all right?

— I assume that mother could spot the changes, but she would never put the son on the account, not handed to him in a mental institution and didn’t say a word about his suspicions. I probably just dismissed these thoughts. Besides Boris is a very secretive person, he didn’t freak out soul. For example, when he searched the address Felgenhauer and told me about it, I was trying to figure out his endgame, but he remained stubbornly silent or evaded. Was only talking about telepathy.

— Why grits snapped it on Felgenhauer?

— The fact that he was an outspoken opposition leader, “Echo of Moscow” — one of his favorite radio stations. He always listened to their esters. Here there and spotted Felgenhauer.

The grits were drinking?

— In our last meeting, drank a glass of vodka and all. He’s never smoked. But for a couple of days before the attack, when he was visiting me, asked for a cigarette. I was still surprised.

— Why do you think he was crazy?

— Boris in his youth showed great promise, mother always said, “You are our support”. But he didn’t live up to her expectations. Physicist proved useless thrown overboard, work could not find, personal life has not evolved, likely, from a hopelessness he blew off the roof. Anyway, Boris does not want to recognize its futility and constantly looking for fault. In the end, their failures blamed Felgenhauer.

— Have you seen his confession, he has changed since your last meeting?

— I thought he came to a certain climax. He does not hide his thoughts, and advertises them, wants to bring “truth” to the world. Thereby trying to justify their behavior. Boris after all once dreamed to become famous, believed that the brains will bring him fame and money, but I was wrong.

Expert opinion

The psychiatrist-criminalist Michael Vinogradov:

— I believe that the man who assaulted the journalist was included with her personal contact — for example, on a TV show. He led the business between Israel and Russia and was often in Moscow. However, people with mental disabilities in the period of exacerbation state can choose to sacrifice and completely random people. For example, in my practice there was a case when the patient heard voices, rushed out into the street and killed nine bystanders — it seemed to him that the “voices” emanate from them. Such cases were numerous in the Soviet Union, they regularly occur in Russia, in Europe and in America. The reason is that no proper monitoring of the mentally ill. Psychiatric examination anywhere in the world, but in the US at least, there is a special police, controlling persons, released from hospital or prison after serving a sentence for a crime committed on the grounds of mental disorder.

Our security is in our own hands. It is necessary to carefully monitor the behavior of others and its own condition. The alarm — a sudden change of behavior: the person was adequate, but at some point, he got weird. We have the same tendency of the disease to explain the “nerves”, “nerves” — domestic turmoil. For example, a person comes to the cardiologist with complaints of what is having a heart attack. As a cardiologist he: is your nerves, take validol. Relatives, meanwhile, say he’s nervous because his wife is having an affair! And if after that a man with “shelamim heart”, say, attacked with a knife on his wife’s lover, it would explain the “personal problems”. And about psychiatry remember, only if the victims will be random people.

Meanwhile, there are nine States in which people with mental illness are able to commit a crime. The disease can occur imperceptibly, but in the case of aggravation may take any form of persecution, delusions of jealousy and so there is No need to list them all, much more important timely to establish the presence of mental instability. Of the total number of the mentally ill 3% are aware of this and carefully concealed. Other in good faith consider themselves human rights activists, psychics and other unwanted elements of society and because they pursued. Most of them has never been psychiatric diagnoses, because they never go to the doctors. How to recognize potential insanity in everyday life? Such a person is usually clumsy at walking he haphazardly waving his hands and often looking back. When talking gesticulates randomly and without apparent reason to raise your voice to hysterical notes.


Tatiana Felgenhauer Tuesday, 24 October, handed over to relatives via a letter to his colleagues, who published it in social networks.

“All-all-all. Thanks for the support and love of cats. It’ll be fine. Breathing through a straw is cool. Also for the first time in 16 years on radio I slept. Soon I’ll be with you — hug,” wrote the journalist, which on the second day after the operation began to let close relatives.

We will remind that on Monday Felgenhauer in a grave condition has been delivered in Institute of Sklifosovsky where it operated. After the operation, which lasted just over an hour and ended in the area of 16.20, she was transferred to the ward and hooked up to a ventilator. According to her colleagues, she was already in a comatose sleep. The doctors said that the threat to her life is eliminated.

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