Case “naanovo boy”: alisova not called “ambulance” knocked the child

At the next hearing on the case about the accident in the Railway, which killed “nipany boy” 6-year-old Alesha Shimko, carefully examined and even sniffed things in which the boy went for a walk the day of the accident. And all because the father insists that the clothing was laundered to hide the injury on the body of the baby. In addition, the same day it was decided whether the case was returned for further investigation and will be excluded from the materials of a scandalous examination, which recognized the child “drunk”.

photo: Anastasia Gadinsky

It would seem that after the investigation has denied the presence of alcohol in the blood Alyosha, and expert Michael Kleimenova was charged with negligence, the father of the child downed the Roman Shimko need to relax. But before the next trial, the man looked about as tense as before. Reporters Roman explained, he’s got a lot of questions to a new study. It is, recall, showed that alcohol in the blood of the child came posthumously, as a result of contamination of the tubes for collecting materials. But the boy’s father doubts that the culprit of the banal negligence of the medical examiner.

Unfortunately, all of the inconsistencies in the new study, I can not say, in the case of negligence, I was given a subscription about nondisclosure. But we strongly doubt that Kleymenov generally collected blood for research. Why the blood samples did not ferment and is not curled up, because the second examination was conducted three months after the death of his son? The first five days. But, remember, according to the order of Ministry of health study should be done in the next 48 hours, then blood is no longer suitable.

On Monday the meeting came the turn to explore the evidence. The hall brought a box of clothes he was wearing Alesha on the day of the accident.

Before you open the box, the judge said, is whether there is a need in the procedure, given that things have been thoroughly described in the examination.

– I insist, – rose affair. – I have a suspicion that things were laundered.

I must say that before the man shared these suspicions with reporters. According to him, clothes could wash away the blood, to reduce the injury on the body of the child.

Out of the box, the judge got the first coat of Alyosha, noted that it has the breakthroughs of the material, as well as traces of substance of brown colour similar to blood. When out of the box, pulled out a sweater, the novel drew attention to the white stripes on the sleeves, held it to his nose, sniffed.

– It is a traces of powder, even the smell is.

Next, he inspected the shirt. “Blood stains on the shirt and sweater are not the same,” said Roman.

Lawyer Olga Alisovoy Natalia Kurakina tried to assure Roman that the clothes could get dirty already in the morgue when the child is stripped. But its a replica of the victim was ignored.

Then the court was charged with underwear boy. The judge noted that there is no pollution nor pantyhose, no panties.

– Where is the urine? exclaimed Roman. She was not in the bladder, no trace of her and the clothes…

After the man sniffed the stuff and said — it is, all things are clean as if fresh from the washing machine.

Clothes brought to the nose, even the lawyer of Alisovoy.

Then do not stand for the judge:

– So you think that after the clothes were removed from your son, she was exposed to? – he turned

Yeah, washed it. Powder smell. And the jacket no marks from the tires, but the car of the defendant, moved the son of two wheels…

The second part of the meeting was devoted to the announcement of the motions of the victim. They were at least five. In the first novel asked to attach to the case studies that was conducted by an independent specialist. Experts found 45 inaccuracies in the research conducted by Kleimenov. However, in the admission of these documents, the judge refused — because directly with the corpse of Alyosha, the experts were not working, their conclusions are made only on the basis of documents.

Asked Roman to summon for questioning and the Michael kleimenova, as well as the orderly who assisted him during the autopsy and blood sampling. But such a petition, the judge considered inappropriate. The presiding judge rejected the request to return the case to the Prosecutor’s office for merging it with the case on negligence. In the end of all reported victims of motions was not granted any.

But the Prosecutor clarified in question, caused or not Olga beneficial an ambulance after the accident. Recall, witnesses say that the doctors called them. The defendant insists: it is also called in service of rescue. But the Prosecutor made a request to the dispatcher about all the calls concerning this accident. It turned out that there were two calls: the first in ambulance call neighbor Shimko, then there was a call from an unknown woman. Mobile Alisovoy calls to the dispatcher were not.

Meanwhile, the evening of October 23 it was reported that, allegedly, was dismissed the chief medical examiner of the Moscow region Vladimir Klevno. He is the immediate superior of Michael kleimenova. Dismissal, “Interfax” told a source from the Ministry of health of the Moscow region. “MK” managed to get through to the wife of Vladimir Klevno Hope. She explained that the information is untrue.

– My husband an hour ago came home from work, no documents about the dismissal he had received. Information is not confirmed even the Minister of health of Moscow region Vladimir called him. And even the kleimenova from work suspended, and then my husband?

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