Chairman of the Union of journalists of Moscow Pavel Gusev, has appealed to his colleagues about the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer

“Our media community suffered another shock on the workplace in the walls of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” injured a well-known journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer. The attack demonstrates once again how dangerous, remains in our country the craft of journalism.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Whatever the cause of such massacres with the media, this is another reason to join our efforts to exclude such a reaction in society, to protect the information space from inappropriate, barbaric acts, involving threats to the health and lives of our colleagues.

So strange and inexplicable are the statements of individual journalists who are trying to put under the attack of a certain ideological basis, to accuse the so-called “statesmen” and “promoters” in that they intentionally provoke people to this kind of attacks on opposition publications. It is well known the fact that the attack on Tatyana Felgenhauer not connected with the policy of a newspaper, talking about a mentally ill person. There is a professional community, there is a corporate solidarity, and if trouble came her need to overcome together, because this situation can get any media in the Russian media space.

I urge my colleagues for all the differences of political, ideological, philosophical views to discuss, not to manipulate this tragic situation for their own benefit, not to add fire to an already tense situation which developed today in our society and in the media market,” said Pavel Gusev.

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