Cloud-based Smart Engine CMS: how to save money without lowering quality?

Specialist must possess experience in JS, HTML, PHP, CSS, know the principle of operation of image editors and basic requirements to the actual design of the “visual” and “engine”. Cloud CMS Smart Engine is a new modern solution without further specializations.

The essence of the platform

This development aims to minimise travel time and costs while creating a web page. There is no need to involve specialists. This will make it easier to coordinate all the work, not rely on different personal circumstances and not to pay large numbers of employees.

Besides the obvious savings of time and money, the system offers the following advantages:

  • minimum knowledge in graph – no need to create a design through specialized programs;
  • operational technical support of the cloud 24/7;
  • many additional modules that can be connected as needed;
  • protection from external viruses and hacker attacks;
  • hosting low load, which reduces the number of bugs.

Advantageous is the use of cloud-based Smart Engine CMS?

This system includes a single license purchase. This clearly distinguishes it from other similar products, the use of which is accompanied by monthly contributions.

This system and the lack of additional experts during the “drawing”, writing and promotion of the website allows studios and agencies save up to 85% of standard investment in the promotion of business.

Target audience CMS Smart Engine

The most useful this system will be for beginners who are just developing their products and planning to enter to the network environment.

As for large companies and WEB-studios: with the use of this product, there is a real opportunity to optimize the creation and maintenance of business projects that will become loyal customers and bring profits.

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