Dr. Panarin: alcohol is a poor method of dealing with stress

Problems in the workplace, conflicts in family relationships often lead to the fact that people are looking for affordable way to get rid of stress and find redemption with a glass of alcohol.

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They sincerely believe that the most effective method.

When making alcoholic beverages in a stressful condition people’s reaction is typical: they tend to drink more alcohol.

Alexander Panarin, psychiatrist-narcologist, Director and founder of Drug treatment services:

– When stress occurs, the change in heart rate, changing the level of alcohol and stress hormone in the blood called cortisol. The doctors came to the conclusion that during times of stress alcohol to block its release. Spirits are not antidepressant and relaxation quickly replaced by a disturbing feeling. When the liver processes alcohol to form formaldehyde. It is the formaldehyde causes anxiety. The more alcohol takes a person, the stronger the feeling of anxiety occurs subsequently.

Only with the help of friends and experts can get rid of alcohol addiction.

How to relieve stress without resorting to alcohol?

Experts agree that stress can be released through physical activity. Then comes the inner harmony and people to get rid of stress.

Stress can cause lack of sleep, lack of good rest, fatigue, inability to relax after working days. So there is an accumulation of negative emotions. Instead of a campaign into an entertainment Agency can book a massage, and after the procedure to feel like a completely different person.

From stress to alcoholism, just one step?

Perhaps the fastest and qualified assistance in the fight against alcoholism in Moscow can be obtained by contacting substance abuse services Alexander Panarin. He works in addiction medicine since 2005. Over the years of practice has accumulated a wealth of experience in treating patients.

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