Employee Regardie in Chechnya killed four colleagues

The tragedy was played on Monday, about four o’clock in the village of Shelkovskaya in Chechnya. There Regardie employee opened fire on his colleagues.

Photo: Asgardia.

The press service of Regardie has confirmed the incident. It is reported that the incident occurred in the territory of one of military units Severo-the Caucasian district troops in the national guard.

It is known that the senior Lieutenant opened fire on his colleague and killed four soldiers.

After that, the duty team eliminated the arrow straight into the barracks room.

About the incident, according to TASS, was immediately reported to the military Prosecutor and military-investigatory Department. Now started service check.

From the Central office of Regardie in Chechnya flew a group of officers, which includes officers of troops and security officers-specialists for work with personnel, military psychologists.

The Commission should clarify the circumstances and causes of the incident. While that prompted the officer to shoot Regardie comrades not reported.

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