Financing institutions: employees will be divided into white bone and not white

The sharp division of men of science in the level of wages will start in Russia after a week or two. Some employees of the Institute will receive 130 thousand and 30 thousand per month. The Federal Agency for scientific organizations (FANO) received from the Ministry of Finance money pursuant to the Decree of the President No. 597 of increasing the funding of Russian institutes with the aim of raising the salaries of academic staff in two times in comparison with average wages across regions.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Correspondent “MK” has learned, how it will distribute the money who suddenly become provided scientists with the level of salary as the academics, who will remain with almost nothing.

— According to the requirement of 597 on the Decree of the President, in the fourth quarter of 2017 should bring patches the employees of the institutions to 180% of the average for the region (2018 — up to 200%) — said the “MK” the President of RAS Alexander SERGEEV. FANO the money received, and then the question arose, how to spend it. The fact that among institutions there is a successful, which has improved its funding by up to 200% due to additional activities, and they, according to the decree, the Supplement is not entitled. Other scientific organizations that were not able to improve the financial status of their employees, FANO must allocate the remaining amount. Many in the former academic institutes were very unfair, since in fact it turns out that a monetary reward will come to those lagging behind, and successful do not get anything. So on Wednesday, the representatives of the FANO met with a group of academics from the thematic sections, which suggested a different scheme of distribution of funds in the regions with a large number of institutions, with different degrees of success. It provides in the IV quarter of 2017 allocation of 180% each region, with subsequent differential separation between scientific organizations depending on their level of success. FANO has agreed to this proposal.

As for some of the regions in which the institutions themselves have improved their financial situation, bringing wages up to 200 per cent, yet they get nothing. According to Sergeyev, Academy of Sciences wrote a letter to the leadership of the country with proposals to address the complex issues associated with the allocation of funds between the institutions in the first quarter of 2018. “We want to make between weak and strong institutions were not egalitarianism, otherwise we deprive the successful research of the staff motivation to work,” said Alexander.

According to a member of the Council of the trade Union of the RAS Evgeny ONISHCHENKO, the distribution of funds between institutions occurs several questions. In addition to the differences in the financing of successful and unsuccessful scientific organizations there is still the problem with reference to the future salaries of scientists to the regional level of wages: people who work as well as in Moscow, will receive ten times less a raise. There is another question: money, according to the decree, only the researchers, but there is still a large army of scientific workers: heads of laboratories, trainees-researchers, engineers, that no increase will not see, regardless of their place of residence. “Some Savrasov already started to translate into researchers, but scientists won’t be”, — says Evgeny Evgenievich. — In some institutions, for example in mathematics, where the percentage of engineers minimized this problem will occur less likely. But if we are talking about the institutions that specialize in the field of experimental high energy physics, where engineers more than half, and they unlike their fellow scientists will be disadvantaged.

Some have suggested as a way out of this difficult situation, to give the problem of internal distribution of funds among the staff Directors of institutes. However, the distribution of funds for researchers will look tough. If from the obtained money will start to pay engineers and administrative services, it will be treated as misappropriation of funds. In General, some of the employees of the institutions will be considered white bone, someone not white.”

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