Good sentence for good: why a killer bass player “lube” stays out of jail

Accused of murder by negligence the bass guitarist of group “lube” Paul Usanov Maxim Good the punishment not related to deprivation of liberty. On Monday, the Dmitrov city court declared the man of his decision — 1 year and 9 months of imprisonment. The convicted person must also pay the spouse of the musician and 700 thousand rubles for moral damage.

Such solutions Themis looks only at first glance surprising. What preceded the death of the artist, as he conducted the investigation of the criminal case and why the court issued such a soft decision is found “MK”.

Cool guitar player, a talented composer and just a good person was not the evening of 19 April 2016. Pavel Usanov never regained consciousness and died in the Institute of emergency care named after N. In.Sklifosofskiy. The news shocked friends and fans of the musician. From law enforcement was waiting for a thorough investigation of the murder and bring the perpetrators to strict response.

A story began two weeks earlier in a cafe in the village Ozeretskoe Dmitrov district, where he lived Usanov. The neighbor’s son was born, and men violently celebrated the event in a cafe. There by the will of fate came to rest after work, the Manager is a Good Maxim with your friend. In the hall of the paths of men cross.

By nature Paul was approachable. Could easily talk with anyone, always vigorously expressed the joy of meeting new people. And what artist does not possess these qualities? No wonder that in a cafe musician and Manager met and knocked over a glass or two. Soon Usanov went straight for a hug to Maxim, they even jokingly challenged. Finally Good became annoying excessive obsession of Paul and he repeatedly alienated the bass player. The conversation in the hall and ended — Paul switched to two migrant workers from Ukraine (they worked in the service station nearby). With them began a political debate, Garnier boys are also a little potolkalis musician, and then left. And Usanov went home — LCD “Dream” in which he lived, was in some hundred meters from the cafe.

Then the situation looked quite confusing… the Key to steel testimony of the security guard of shop. He saw that Paul was caught up to the Good (he left the pub a few minutes earlier). And again the fight began. At some point, the bass player fell and hit his head on the pavement, but almost immediately stood up. Cafe workers ran up, raised musician and helped me get home. And Maxim left alone — and he, too, asked the guards for help: Good the phone was broken and the man couldn’t call a taxi.

However, the Good categorically deny this version. Maxim says that really asked me to call the cab company and didn’t even mind that he was photographed by the guards. But Usanova he never touched. Good carefully hinted on the Ukrainian trail to say, the bass player could easily catch up and beat his Ukrainian “friends” from the cafe. However, this version was considered untenable. When two weeks later, Usanov died in the hospital, it seemed that the killer did not escape prison. However Good luck: it is in the end judged by a comparatively light article of the criminal code.

— First proceedings were instituted under article “Causing of heavy harm to health” on the 1st part. After the death Usanova charges reclassified to the “Causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death on imprudence”, — told “MK” the investigator for particularly important cases of GSU SKR across Moscow region Boris asriyan. Had to disassemble a complicated medical case and give the correct legal qualification of the crime, to answer the question, from which death occurred. So Good for so long he was in custody.

In the end, the examination found: Usanov didn’t die from the punch in the face, and from head injuries received in a fall on the pavement. That is why he was charged only with reckless homicide. The maximum penalty for this offence is 2 years in prison. And since at the time of sentencing, Maxim served 10 months in jail and one day counts for two, at the end of November this year, his record will end.

To be honest, this outcome was foreseeable in the course of the process. Reporter “MK” seen on a previous occasion, behaved like Good — confident, in my own way, even tried to flirt with the Secretary of the court, and she politely laughed it off. As if the case was not in court, and in the same café, where he began the fateful conflict. By the way, Paul’s family Usanov refused to go to the meetings. “Fate is Kind I’m not interested in Maxim and Pasha will not return,” said the widow of the musician.

— Will you appeal the verdict? I asked the wife of Maxim.

“No,” she replied curtly and smiled. The smile never left the faces of the spouses and the Good when they descended the stairs to the exit of the court. Well, they had every reason for joy.

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